Living In LA = Thanksgiving: Top Ten Reasons I’m Thankful I Live Here

images-1 #1:  Super easy choice..THE WEATHER!  I mean, come on!  Look at this glorious day… November 26 and it’s crystal clear, 80 degrees, sun shining, blue skies, rolling waves.  Yep.  I’m super thankful for living on this earth and in this city where I can stroll down to my local cafe, sit outside soaking up the rays and enjoy an espresso before tucking the turkey in.  The quality of gold light that rains down on us is awesome!  Thank you universe!  I really appreciate landing on this particular piece of real estate!

#2:  The General Population:  By and large a good part of the population is cool, friendly and really work at making a difference.  Maybe it’s in catching the perfect wave, maybe it’s trying to make medical marijuana accessible, maybe it’s creating and sharing the coolest movie on earth, maybe it’s brewing the best espresso.  But we have hardworking people here who are groovy.  Thanks everyone.  I appreciate how wide the variety of opinions, options, colors and types of all the people who live here embody.

#3:  The Biz:  Face it.  We live in the Entertainment capitol of the universe and we get major benefits from it.  From glitzy openings, to industry gossip, we’re on it first and get the glitter.  It’s practically a Renaissance city.  So many highly creative creatures roam around that between the writers, the dancers, the musicians, the DJ’s, the artists, the actors… somethings is always entertaining.  Just walking down the street is a treat.

#4 The Men.  They are simply more fun in LA.   I met my fiancee, Dan Mapes here, and he’s the quintessential LA Guy.  Hi-tech, low-maintenance, fun, intellectual, artistic, open-minded, good looking, sensitive, spiritual.  He embodies all the cool daddy qualities of the classic “LA MALE”.  Yes, he also embodies many of the not so cool qualities…. massive flirt, uber sensitive…. but those are also what makes him and all LA men, so great! Go figure.  The things we like the most about LA men, drive us mad!

#5:  The Women.  Okay.  I’m putting this in for all you men out there.  Every prom queen from around the nation seems to end up here so girl watching is a national past time.  Yes, I admit, most of us are pretty and fun to watch.  Blonde hair, boob jobs, trainers, hair extensions… and because of the weather, not so much clothes to cover the flaws.  Because of that, us normal dames have to keep our game up.  We can’t get fat, have to keep our eye on the latest hem lines, and going to pot is not an option.  I admit it, it’s interesting to check-out what our glamorous sistahs are up to.  Oops, there it is.  We’ve turned into one of them.  LA women rock!  We’re smart, beautiful, funny, open-minded, wild, creative….. the list goes on and on.  Home of the original goddesses. Yay!  LA Women!

#6:  The Food:  Fresh, fresh, fresh.  The farmers market make getting perfect, organic produce possible every single day.  The Hungry Cat always delivers the most awesome meals and drinks.. and there’s ten more, that are in their league.  You can find perfect espresso in just about every neighborhood.  The food rules here.

#7  The Ocean.  It’s awesome.  A bit cold, but still.  It’s a wonderful addition to this city.  So fresh, so calming.  Really a grounding natural force to enjoy.

#8:  The International Flair.  Every type of person from every part of the world can be found here.  That gives us such an awesome view of other cultures, languages and points of view.  I cherish that this forces us to stay open minded.  We have a beautiful melting pot to swim around in.

#9  The Openminded Vibe.  It’s cool.  I love that people think outside the box here.  And I love that there are more yogis and yoginis here than any place on earth.  At least it seems like it.  There’s a class for every spiritual POV and you can’t help but be influenced by it.  We are so lucky to live in a place that, just by living here, makes you realize there is more in the universe to explore than your own upbringing.  Such joy!  Thanks for that LA, thanks….

#10:  The Lakers.  Okay.  I know.  Putting in a sports team is weird, especially for me.  But somehow, I’ve fallen in love with these guys.  Watching Kobe is like watching a cool, modern ballet.  He’s brilliant.  And so are his team mates.  Watching Phil Jacksons zen like smile, his teddy bear force of nature, it’s wonderful and different and you can see it in the players.  Being a fan has really been fun.

3 thoughts on “Living In LA = Thanksgiving: Top Ten Reasons I’m Thankful I Live Here”

  1. 10. Wheels. LA is where cars come to live. And the freeways are free!

    9. Revival theatres and screens. The Nuart. The New Beverly Center. The Bing. UCLA Melnitz. Etc. Old movies on the big screen seen with an audience that respects film as art.

    8. X. You love ’em or you just don’t get ’em. They’re on my list so you know how I feel.

    7. Nail salons.

    6. Local columnists: Jonathan Gold. Sandra Tsing Loh. Dan Neil. Joel Stein. The list goes on. We’ve all got our favorites.

    5. Neighborhoods. Eagle Rock. Leimert Park. Venice. Silver Lake. Beverly Hills. No other city has such self-identified, individually unique assortment of hoods. I love mine – and I love all the others.

    4. Koreatown.

    3. Eric Garcetti – the very model of a modern major progressive politician. Like Obama – and not just for their Occidental connection – he gives me hope for the future.

    2. Tacos. From a truck. From a hole-in-the-wall. From a stand. From a cart. And everything else that’s on the menu with ’em.

    1. In-n-Out.

  2. Sure, it’s all great. But being such a modern, progressive city, it is WAAAYYY behind in its public transit. There should have been a subway to the sea decades ago. Until that happens, I give it a 7 out of 10.

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