Hello LA! I Miss You So!

LosAngeles!Oh Los Angeles. I’ve missed you so much! Finally last Saturday I got to return home to you for a moment. This was the first sight I saw on our final approach and nothing made me happier after two months away. Smog, who cares? I’m home.

Of course I’m gone again and won’t be back until December 4th, but this little glimpse of heaven has kept me going.

Can’t wait to be home for good, LA.

6 thoughts on “Hello LA! I Miss You So!”

  1. Jeff and Donna say:
    1. Happy Thanksgiving!
    2. Hurry back, L.A. misses you.
    3. When are we gonna get some Classic Eats?

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, we missed you, but followed your activities on facebook etc.,. Enjoy the adventures when they come is my rule, makes home seem so much homier on the return.

  3. Did you really just say, “Smog, who cares?” That’s pretty sad and sums up much of LA attitude in one shot. Nice job!

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