LA Metblogs Wants YOU

famous_bloggerHi! Do you think you have something important to write?

Um, don’t answer that. How about this instead: Do you think you have something important to write about LA, AND can you write that stuff consistently, on a weekly basis?

If the answer is yes, then Metblogs is in the market for new bloggers to add to our roster. You must be conversant with blogging at least a little bit, and I’d like to see proof that you can, and ideally have, contributed stories, blog posts or columns on a weekly basis to publications (print or online).  We expect our bloggers to write about two blog posts a week (preferably more), and this isn’t a place to flog your own personal cause or activities (although if you have insight into a particular element of LA, that’s great); all posts must be about LA, not about you.

I used to look for passion about LA as they key deciding factor, but now y’all should know I look for consistency first, passion second. You must be reliable AND full of energy about the city.

If you’re still interested after all those caveats, send a few links to your work or writing samples–plus a bit about yourself & why you’d like to be a Metblogs author–to me at lucindamichele (at) metblogs (daht) com.  Happy Turkeycide Weekend, Los Angeles.