Win Tix to Simian Mobile Disco at the Mayan Theatre Tomorrow!

simianI saw these guys last time they were in town. A co-worker, who’s a DJ, demanded I go. I was tired. I was whiny. I wanted to go home. The show blew me away. I danced until I was sweating.

So you should probably go to this show. Electronic acts at the Mayan art particularly fun, especially with the light show that accompanies SMD shows inside the cavernous, ornately decorated theatre.

To win tickets, tell me about your favorite place to eat hot dogs in LA. Why? Because every time I leave the Mayan there are people there on the sidewalk selling Danger Dogs, and hot damn are those things tasty.

Show info is here.

14 thoughts on “Win Tix to Simian Mobile Disco at the Mayan Theatre Tomorrow!”

  1. any cart serving those bacon/onion wrapped dogs outside a club is great especially when you’re a little tipsy. there’s frankens (vegan dogs) and of course pinks if you dont mind standing in line forever — love their spicy polish sausage (its EXTREMELY spicy).

  2. My pick is gonna have to be Weeneez on 7th and Spring in Downtown because the interior rocks and I love their Arnold Palmers…. get it!

  3. My favorite place to eat hot dogs would either be at either Diddy Riese in Westwood (Yes, they serve Hot Dogs!) or Costco. Sadly, Diddy Riese will no longer be serving Hot Dogs according to the sign at their store as of 12/1.

    I think that sadness could easily be made up by a pair of tickets in my name on the guest list, but otherwise, I’m heartbroken.

  4. PAPAYA KING IN NYC. Oh man, The King Combo is so f’ing rad. They’re so snappy, absolutely fresh off the grill and cheap to boot. I used to love grabbing a few dogs, a Mango Madness smoothie and then hitting the streets. Nothing beats a walking in NYC on a crisp fall day with a Papaya King dog. Well…… Belgian Fries and walking the East Village is pretty damn close:-)

  5. In LA, I’m partial to Dodger Stadium. While I like Pink’s, Weenez, and Costco, there’s something insanely special about a Dodger dog. Honestly, that’s the major reason why I go to one baseball game per season. Oh, and combine that with some garlic fries? Heaven.

  6. My favorite place to have a hot dog in LA is a little difficult to get to because it requires a time machine, but aside from that it would have to be Tail of the Pup. I have such fond memories of my Dad taking me there when I was a kid and he worked at Cedar Sinai.

  7. My favorite place for hot dogs is Skooby’s in Hollywood. Not only are the dogs great but they have the best fries ever! And the employees are cool and they blast punk music!

  8. The dinky little carts outside Echoplex. It’s where I had my first one coming out of an electro party. It sooo hit the spot. Ate 2 that night. Probably got hepatitis too.

  9. I remember Tail of the Pup too…it was in a scene of LA Story with Steve Martin. Not related but they also shot a scene across the street from there at an ATM machine. A robber approaches Steve Martin at the atm and says “ill be your robber today”.

  10. HI! You should check out Papoos in Burbank, it’s dank! Been open since 1949 and they have everything delicious and greasy, including every specialty hot dog topping you can imagine. Get off the 134 W on Hollywood Way, follow it two blocks, and it’s on your left (across from big boy-ew).

  11. Damn reading this has made me hungry, Simian Mobile Disco are great act. Pointless me putting up where to get the best hot dog as I live in the UK plus we don’t really have anywhere that sells them here except sketchy street vendors and you don’t want to buy food of those guys.

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