A Most Spectacular Day In L.A.


I exited my dentist’s Miracle Mile office not long after 10 a.m. this morning confronted by the absolute beauty of the day — its comfortable crystal clarity prevented me from beelining it on my bike to work. So I took the long way to Westchester. Instead of heading south to Culver City, I cut through Beverly Hills got up onto Santa Monica Boulevard and rolled that thoroughfare all the way to its end where I paused to enjoy the breathtaking views from the palisades before cranking it south along a near-barren beach bikepath to Venice and its pier from which I observed sea lions and dolphins before snapping the above shot of the solitary surfer surveying his vast empire.

Glorious days like this are enough to bring a tear to my eye.

6 thoughts on “A Most Spectacular Day In L.A.”

  1. Will:
    The bad stuff started Sunday afternoon, the first signs of which was a pool of water under the kitchen sink.
    Stayed up late in the virtual world of home maintenance on the ‘Net, specifically, garbage disposal removal and repair.
    I’m still in some sort of withdrawal after a full Monday of flywheel seal replacement, plumber’s putty and PCV pipe.
    Then, shucks, I found your spectacular day and it became mine too.
    Good writing.

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