Broguiere’s Is Pronounced “Awesome!”

Conserve Water! Drink More Broguiere’s Egg Nog!

brogjig“My name’s Jiggy and I approve this message.”

You can haunt/stalk the refrigerated sections of various grocers and minimarts in crapshoot hopes of finding some still on the shelves or maybe if you’re lucky that one bottle way in the back behind the buttermilk that some covetous bagboy buried there in some vain attempt of it eluding capture.

Or you can find the patience to wait until sometime next month when San Francisco-based Strauss’ reportedly awesome version of the holiday nectar arrives at whichever upscale marts carry it.

My wife Susan and me? We opt to cut out the gambling and the middleman and the interminable waiting for an out-of-town product and instead support our local awesomeness with a cruise out to the industrial flats of Montebello to go get some of the limited-time glass-encased lusciousness.

You should to too:

Broguiere’s Dairy
505 S. Maple Avenue
Montebello, CA 90640

9 thoughts on “Broguiere’s Is Pronounced “Awesome!””

  1. I actually saw these last night at the Culver City Pavilions (near Jefferson/Sepulveda).

    They also had pre-packaged butter sculptures shaped like turkeys for sale there, though that is kind of unrelated to eggnog.

  2. I wonder if they still have the Huell Howser bottles. I scored one last year and my wife threw it away not knowing that I was saving it. For pennies and Mr. Howser’s grinning visage.

    Brogueres Nog and Huell Howser. Are there any better things in LA?

  3. Garrett, I’ll bet there’ll be plenty of Huell bottles out there. And Copy Editor Clay’s right: don’t recycle those bottles. Take ’em back where you bought ’em full for a refund of the substantial deposit.

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