One IKEA with a Side of Five Guys Burgers


For Angelenos needing to shop at IKEA, the Carson and Burbank locations are the usual choices.  I go to the Carson location, not just because it is closer to my home, but because, at the other end of the shopping center sits Five Guys Burgers.  Five Guys is not new to these pages,  having been (mixed) reviewed by Faboomama and commented on by others.  But it’s all subjective, and, subjectively, I love the place (disclosure/confession: I used to go to their original DC-area locations).

So now, I rarely (ok, never) go to IKEA without hitting Five Guys.  One triggers the other, just like a ciggy in a bar.  Plus, I figure I deserve it after getting that thousand yard IKEA Stare after an hour or so inside the Swedish happy torture factory.  As to whether the trip to IKEA was really necessary in the first place, or just an excuse for a Five Guys burger & fries, I’ll never te-ell….

7 thoughts on “One IKEA with a Side of Five Guys Burgers”

  1. This is within the realm of my “luncheon area”. But really, why would anyone even think this combo warrant the bytes of this blog? Shitastic crumbling furniture and a shitastier soggy burger.

  2. I’ve been living in the DC area for almost 4 years now. When I first moved out, I liked Five Guys a lot, but since then the spark has faded.

    However, every time I come home to L.A. to visit, I make a point of always going to a certain burger place. Not In N Out…The Habit. There are a few in the Valley, one out in Simi, and several in Ventura and Santa Barbara County. Not sure how much farther south they’ve gotten. But I think they’re the best fast food burger place out there.

    I also always try to get some Tito’s Tacos when I’m in L.A., and I used to head for Weiner Factory as well, before it closed down…

  3. I dont see how a burger joint (which are everywhere) could compare with very inexpensive swedish food (only available inside IKEA). I guess if you really need to eat another burger…

  4. @iluvhatemail — I haven’t tried the food at IKEA, other than the espresso (to help alleviate the IKEA Stare) and chocolates. Some IKEA customer carnivores swear by the Swedish meatballs there. However, they looked a bit dry to me.

  5. Weiner Factory is/was damn good it sucks they closed.

    Habit is good, but doesn’t replace IN N OUT and nothing ever will.

    Five guys is tasty – always something I hit up at IAD.

  6. I’m totally into the Carson Five Guys. They’re like the “Evil Twin with Goatee” version of In-N-Out. Their fries are frighteningly good and addictive. The only problem is that if I go to IKEA as well I have to choose between junk food hot dog and delicious burger, and sometimes it’s hard.

    The Habit also has a location in Torrance now, and I’ve been there a few times. Pretty decent if you’re in need of fast chow.

  7. IKEA meatballs aren’t bad. The $1.99 breakfast…well, it’s worth what you pay for it, I suppose. Decent Swedish pancakes, terrible eggs. Although I think they lowered it to $.99 a few years back.

    But if I were shopping at the Carson IKEA, I’d much rather drive up the 405 a few minutes to Gardena/Torrance and get great Japanese food.

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