Help Jeremy Swan Beat the World Record At Broken Art Tattoo

brokenart09My work took me past Jeremy Swan’s Broken Art Tattoo shop on Hyperion today, to shoot some photos for our website. When I realized what a nice, cool guy he is, I decided I had to help however I could. You see, Friday is the day–that’s 24 hours, there–that Jeremy tattoos over 801 people.

Well, that’s the plan, at least (info). Here’s the man in his own words: “November, Friday the 13th, I will attempt to beat the world record of ‘most tattoos done in 24 hours.’  I have learned that the actual number to beat is 801 tattoos set on Nov. 17, 2008 by Hollis Cantrell.  That is an incredible amount of tattoos to do in 24 hours. I began to wonder if I should still do this…This is twice the amount of tattooing I had anticipated.”

But he’s got a lot in his favor: he’s a great artist, as you can see by the photos, and he’s offering four designs to keep the process streamlined: one, a cute little bat; two, the classic “LA”; third, a heart with wings; and fourth, lucky number 13–since it’ll be Friday the 13th when he does this. And you can’t argue with the price: $20 for the first, $10 for each additional one. You can check out Jeremy’s blog here.

Stop by even if you’re an indecisive wuss like me and not gonna get ink done: they’re gonna have live music, tasty food, booze, t-shirts with a custom design you can see in this photoset I just made, and a raffle for cool stuff.

brokenart26 brokenart18 brokenart25 brokenart04 brokenart20

13 thoughts on “Help Jeremy Swan Beat the World Record At Broken Art Tattoo”

  1. Although Jeremy is an awesome artist, are those designs even worth a 20 spot? I’m just saying. I don’t know how good of an idea it is to have someone rush through a tattoo even for 20 bucks.

    If price is your motivation, go to prison and get some for free!

  2. YEAH!

    Prison Tats rule!

    I saw this one dude who had a stick man throwing a kick and underneath it it said “kickboxing.”

    That was soooo prison. He also had what looked to be a penis head on his other arm that said “magic mushroom” underneath it.

    I love life!!!

  3. I have no desire to ever get a tattoo, but if I did, I’m not sure I would want to get one in the 23rd hour of a guy’s 24 hour effort to break a record.

  4. This dude is nice but is always thinking of ways to make money, and charges clients a fortune. Won’t be surprised if he charges for food and drinks like he did at another Broken Art event.

    Too bad the designs aren’t very cool. I really don’t think he is going to get half of the people he needs to get. I guess we’ll see! Hope he buys something cooler than a boob job for his wife with the 16 grand if he does get it.

  5. I signed up for one of the spots not because it’s a cheap tattoo but it’ll make a great story even if he doesn’t beat the record. I think it’ll be pretty fun!

  6. I’m with Garrett and Evan. It’s not like the guy’s baking pies or something. I’d hate to be the 801st or 701st or 601st anyone of anyone’s anything of the day, whether it be tattooing, surgery, or uh, other professions.

  7. I was there last night, and ended up with three really well placed and cute tattoos. Great atmosphere.

  8. Regardless of the tattoo picture for $20, its for the count fucken queers. Lets see how many you can do in 24 hours…

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