“Will That Be All?” at Upright Citizens Brigade, Wednesday at 8pm

578While the Upright Citizens Brigade, aka the UCB, is pretty well known, I still consider it one of L.A.’s best kept secrets. Shows sell out fast, but for only $5 you’ll often be treated to standup, improv, or sketch comedy by the funniest talent out there… and let me clarify this: not necessarily the most famous, but the funniest people out there.

Certainly, it’s pretty common to go see Tuesday night’s Comedy Death Ray and have surprise appearances by the likes of Sarah Silverman or Louis C.K., but even the lesser knowns are comedians who you can bet will soon enough be appearing on Comedy Central or SNL (before they binge out on coke, OD, and live on forever through “underground” YouTube videos).

On Wednesday night, again, for only $5, Lindy Gomez will be performing her new one woman piece, “Will That Be All?” mocking race and minimum wage jobs. Or so the synopsis leads me to believe:

Have you slapped your cell phone shut after a heated one-on-one with a East Indian customer service operator and thought, maybe I’ll order Indian tonight? Or accepted a towel from a spicy Mexican bathroom attendant and thought, maybe later I should download some Manu Chao? Or better yet, gotten a basket of spicy fries from a desperate L.A. waitress and thought, thank god I have my SAG card. These are the invisible people who keep your passable existence moving from day-to-day. And they demand you attention…for a solid 28 minutes until you troll next door for a dirty martini.

While you may not recognize her, it doesn’t matter – she’s hot. Just look at the picture!

However, you’ll recognize the the director of the show as the aloof and smarmy lady from the 1-800-DENTIST commercials. Suzi Barret was also recently featured on Los Angeles blogs with her video, “I Hate L.A.” Also hot.

Also on the evening’s bill: The Apple Sisters in “Thanks for Stuffing.” Again, all for $5! Show begins at 8pm.

Reservations and info.
Upright Citizens Brigade, 5919 Franklin Ave., Los Angeles

4 thoughts on ““Will That Be All?” at Upright Citizens Brigade, Wednesday at 8pm”

  1. Just to clarify. Comedy Death Ray is on Tuesday, not Thursday at UCB. Also Lindy Gomez is very funny. You can also catch Suzi Barrett with Sentimental Lady on Saturday’s at 7:00.

  2. Egads!

    She looks like Vera Jimenez’ way hotter younger sister. Wouldn’t it be hard to concentrate on her comedy with her looking that hot?

    Sorry for the sexist response. Markland did leave that door open with his comment. :)

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