Klaus Pierre, German/French Action Hero

If you’ve been reading here at LA MetBlogs for any length of time, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that I am a man who is connected, and that I like to share those connections with you, dear reader.

Early in 2008 I discovered a great talent with the help of the good people at Boing Boing‘s BBtv. Klaus Pierre, a German/French actor had come to Hollywood to train to be the next big action hero. If you’re not already familiar with Klaus Pierre, here is a BBtv episode you need to see:


I have recently become acquainted with the director who brought those episodes featuring Klaus Pierre to the world. He tells me that Klaus has recently completed post-production on his movie, and that it will be available for your enjoyment soon. In the meantime, Klaus will be shooting an interview later this week to let his adoring fans know what he’s been up to over the last year.

Here is where I share my connections. I know that you all must have many questions for Klaus, so leave them in the comment section below. I’ll pass them along, and perhaps Klaus will answer in his interview video. If you could ask Klaus Pierre anything, what would you want to know?

More BBtv episodes featuring Klaus Pierre after the jump…

Klaus Pierre explores the challenges of dating in Hollywood:


Klaus auditions for “Point Break LIVE!“:


I am fascinated to hear what Klaus has been up to for the past year. I know you are, too. Leave your questions below. I’m looking forward to seeing the interview with Klaus’s answers.

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