Case Closed: Hancock Park Swastikas Are History

If you’ve seen the comment thread of my follow-up post Tuesday on the matter of the two swastikas scratched into the concrete roadbed of 4th Street in Hancock Park, you’ll know that Councilman Tom LaBonge responded proactively, wasting little time getting Public Works personnel out to destroy the long-lurking symbols of hate that had been etched there so moronically however many years ago.

Indeed, biking by this morning I was relieved and pleased to find both swastikas (located between Las Palmas and Hudson)had been excised:

aft1 aft2

Sure, the end results might not be as cosmetically appealing as one might have wished for, but the patched pavement is certainly a great improvement over what was there before, thanks to Councilman LaBonge and the Department of Public Works.

13 thoughts on “Case Closed: Hancock Park Swastikas Are History”

  1. We have a swastika in the concrete in Van Nuys, or is it Lake Balboa :(, that is under a bus shelter. I wonder if it’s worth making a fuss about.

    It’s on the Southbound side of Balboa Blvd, south of Saticoy, in front of the Del Taco.

  2. Are you ever happy? Now you complain about the aesthetics of the repair job? OMG!!

    As if worrying about some freaking scratches made by some punk on a curb in a street was a sign of the holocaust revisited.

    Shame on you Lucinda for continually encouraging this curmudgeon and all his various “causes.”

  3. Actually flunkmaster, I’m at my second most happiest when faux-flabbergasted fellas like you try to troll me down.

    First on the list is when I wade through sham shamers like you and keep trying to make the world — or a few square feet of 4th Street — a better place.

  4. He should carve it into his own forehead. Then you’ll never be able to get rid of it, Will!

    That’ll learn ya! :D

  5. In defense of Mr. Funkmaster, your disapproval of the repair job was a bit curmudgeonly.

    I’m just sayin’….

    Good job though!

    Does anyone know if downtown Glendale ever replaced their old streetlights? Weren’t there symbols of hate there as well?

  6. Feel free to defend away Garrett. I’m the first one to admit to a serious case of curmudgification. If flunkmaster had stopped his somewhat curmudgeonly rant there, all would have been good. But for the flunker then call shame on Michele and anyone else who supports my “causes?” Total tool.

  7. I hear you. After all, what good is a man without a cause? And Lucinda collected miniatures as a teen. Who could call shame on her after knowing that tidbit?

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