GBC Uzi’s available today!

20090707-gbcA few weeks ago a friend tipped me off to the Get Busy Committee and he usually never leads me astray so I checked it out. First of all it sounds really good, like, there hasn’t been a Hip Hop record I’ve enjoyed this much in a while good. Secondly, they have a great sense of humor about what they are doing and are clearly having a good time. Thirdly they never shut up about Los Angeles, which ranks really high in my book. But fourthly, and perhaps coolest of all is that they did this all themselves and are taking some very fun and new approaches to releasing a record. For instance, you can buy the record and download it, or have it sent to you on a UZI shaped USB stick. If you pass it on to some friends with twitter or facebook you get a huge discount, etc. Now I already got the thing as a promo for free weeks ago so this isn’t a post to scam that, but it’s a super fun record about LA from an LA band that if you dig hip hop you’ll probably get a kick out of. That’s all I’m saying. Moar pix after the jumps.

3 thoughts on “GBC Uzi’s available today!”

  1. Waiiiiit a second, aren’t they doing stuff with @iancr’s company and doesn’t @tara work there too? I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, every blogger ever has talked up projects by friends and loved ones, but you’re usually a little more transparent with personal connections.

  2. No personal connection here other than what I said, Ian told me about them. I don’t know anyone in the band, Tara isn’t working with anyone in the band so if they are doing anything with Topspin it’s not related to her and rather related to Ian who told me about it, as I said.

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