Downtown Tonight: Traffic, Traffic, Traffic

Oh, man.  I had all these plans to leave the Westside to meet a few folks and try out CorkBar’s Test Kitchen Tuesdays special (tonight’s $2 test kitchen plate: braised oxtail with parsley risotto) and then I came across this.  The LA Times helpfully warns us that the convergence of normal rush hour traffic, the Lakers’ season opener at Staples Center, and the premiere of the Michael Jackson movie This Is It at LA Live likely will result in a nightmare for anyone headed in the general vicinity of downtown tonight.  Shucks.  To CorkBar, I’ll have to say what I’ve been saying to people more and more often lately: maybe next week.  Maybe.

6 thoughts on “Downtown Tonight: Traffic, Traffic, Traffic”

  1. Sinosoul, you read my mind! I was Googling for a while to figure out if I really had to be there at 5:30 when they opened … so yes, maybe next week. Ugh, traffic.

  2. Oh thank goodness I saw this before I left work, since I go RIGHT through downtown. Needless to say, I will be taking a different route home tonight. Thanks for the heads up!!

  3. Not to be like “here’s mud in your eye,” but hahahaha! To quote ohaijoe, “if only there was another way to get around LA…”

    Sorry your plans have gone awry.

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