Wanna go to the Buddyhead Halloween party, for free?

By Halloween party of course I mean rock show. Thursday, October 29th at the Center for the Arts in Eagle Rock The Night Marchers will be playing with Jail Weddings, SeaSpin, Night Horse and a bunch of other random halloween themed spooky shit. This is being put on by the folks at Buddyhead and FYF Fest and while most people have to pay to get in, I’ve got 2 pair of tickets to give away. They could be yours. Want them? Usually I’d come up with some witty trivia or something but you would probably just google it and then try to pretend like you already knew it which would just be a bummer for everyone involved so forget that. Use the comments to tell me why you should get the tickets, I’ll pick two people who either convince me or at random if everyone has lame reasons. I’m not setting a deadline either, but since this is happening Thursday night I’ll probably pick them soon so don’t sit around trying to think of something super crafty to write and then miss out. Go!

(event flyer is after the jump)

8 thoughts on “Wanna go to the Buddyhead Halloween party, for free?”

  1. I like it when Eddie Pepitone does his Eagle Rock bit. He mostly whines bout his wife. That’s all I know about Eagle Rock.

  2. because I live in fucking Eagle Rock and have kids and never get out anymore so help a mamma out!!

  3. Because I love John Reis’ projects and was heartbroken when Rocket from the Crypt called it quits, and I have yet to see his new band The Night Marchers.

  4. OK Folks! All tickets are spoken for! Thanks for playing!

    (also, pro tip for future reference – if you are leaving a comment in hopes of winning a ticket, it’s a good idea to use a real e-mail address in the comment form so we have a way to get in touch with you.)

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