Irate woman maces kid on Los Angeles subway, caught on video

No idea when this was taken, or if there was any followup, but the video at is insane nonetheless. A few kids on what appears to be an LA subway train are teasing a large woman (referred to in the video title as a crackhead hooker) for about five minutes, who seems to be egging them on. A little over halfway through this clip, she pulls what is assumed to be pepperspray from her purse and sprays it at one of the kid’s eyes.

(unable to embed here – click here to watch)

8 thoughts on “Irate woman maces kid on Los Angeles subway, caught on video”

  1. Sorry. Seems exploitative from here. No reason to post this. We all know it happens. We should discuss the issues, but this isn’t the way.

  2. I entirely disagree. It’s a crazy video shot on an LA subway. I’ve never seen anything like this ever happen, so, no, I don’t know “this happens.” Nor do I know what issues it brings up to discuss (besides that its insane that what appears to be the kid’s mom lets him tease the woman – seriously, be an adult… and the complete pacifism of other people on the subway, who appear to ignore their cries for help).

  3. I’m surprised this didn’t happen on the Blue line. I feel sorry for the kid but you can’t mess with the crazies and not expect any blowback.

  4. Seriously, shit like this only happens on the redline for some odd reason. Blue line goes through south central/gradena/long beach and it’s calm the entire time. But once you go underground on the redline things get cranked up. Another case of when keeping it real goes wrong.

  5. I cant believe the mom was there, that’s the weird part. Don’t you tell your kids to keep a lid on it or get up and move?

  6. once, when i was on the redline, i threatened to break the nose off of some kid. he and his buddies were using their skateboards as luges through the aisles of the train. i put my boot out, and egged them to luge into my foot. i promised them i’d break their fucking noses off their faces. of course they didn’t, but the more importantly, they weren’t luging through the train either. my inner school teacher wasn’t going to let the folks going home break a toe and not have the insurance to fix it.

  7. the mom is the one who should have been peppersprayed!!! That kids needed to be stopped. The mom decided not to do it so the lady needed to do the job for the mom.

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