Joshua Tree Star Party

joshuatreedawnI am constantly in a state of delight living in Los Angeles.  We have glorious weather, groovy people to hang with, an open minded populace and pretty much the completely fun urban experience.

Still, it’s nice to get off the grid sometimes.  In fact, I’ve decided that about once a week, I need a sojourn into the wild to keep my sanity intact. So this past weekend, Dan the man and I packed up some supplies and hit the road to Joshua Tree National Park for a little stargazing.

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect weekend.  New Moon situation, so the starlight was blasting in full force.  Warm, balmy weather, so even at that high altitude it only got nippy at 4am or so.  But, oh!  The STARS!!!!! We discovered a whole new universe.. or many of them, exploding up there.  Seriously, there were more meteor showers than I could ever count. Either that or we have some crazy UFO’s doing light shows up there.

You couldn’t look up for more than a minute before catching a cascade of swirling light.  And the cool part…. on new moon weekends, they have actual star parties in Joshua Tree.  Astronomy societies come up there with big ass telescopes, and other ardent star gazers contribute their scopes.  So everyone parties and looks at the amazing sky.  But even without the telescopes it’s awesome!  I highly recommend checking it out.  It’s completely free (okay, there’s a $15 admittance fee to the park, but well worth it) and it’s ridiculously beautiful.  And romantic.  And calming.  And the dawn is absolutely stunning too!  Just sayin’.  We are lucky to live in LA next to such a treasure.

4 thoughts on “Joshua Tree Star Party”

  1. Oh man, you’ve totally inspired me. I’m going to try to head out for the next star party (on Saturday, November 14th). Who’s with me??

  2. Love Joshua Tree, but the best stargazing I’ve experienced was on the Big Island of Hawaii. We rented a house near the volcano, so it was out in the middle of nowhere–not near any big hotels or anything like that. We got to the place at night after getting lost–no street lights, small signs–and when we got out of the car, I looked up and was stunned. I’ve never seen the stars like that before. It was a great trip, but without a doubt that was the highlight for me.

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