Stir Up a Tempest in a Teapot Tomorrow in Griffith Park

IMG_1712The Cirque du Soleil may be in Santa Monica, but tomorrow (Sunday, October 25), another circus comes to town.  The Tea Party Express protesters (who are often referred to, with or without irony, as the “teabaggers”) arrive in Los Angeles tomorrow to hold a protest in Griffith Park.  They promise to bring along their Lipton tea bags, stars & stripes clothing, and badly misspelled signs.  What are they protesting?  You can ask, but don’t expect a coherent answer.  Instead, you can come and join the counter-protest organized by the Courage Campaign, RENWL, and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

The tea party protest takes place at 4:30 p.m. at the Pad D – Crystal Springs picnic area in the park (the address listed is simply the park’s main address, 4730 Crystal Springs Road), and the counter-protest gathers at the same location at 4 p.m. for a preemptive rally.  Whatever side you’re on, this promises to be quite the entertaining event.

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  1. Here are exact directions to the Tea Party counter protest. It’s located at the picnic area on Crystal Springs Road at Pad D (The name picnic areas by alphabet. “Pad D” just means the location of an individual picnic area

    Directions to Griffith Park Picnic area Pad D:

    From the North:
    Golden State Fwy (5) South, Exit at Los Feliz West. Turn right onto Riverside Drive, turn right into the first driveway (look for wooden sign that reads Pote Field). Road leads to picnic area.

    From the South:
    Golden State Fwy (5) North, Exit at Griffith Park. Turn right at offramp onto Crystal Springs
    Drive, turn right into the first driveway (sign reads Pote Field). Road leads to picnic area.

    From the East:
    Ventura (134) Fwy West, Exit at Zoo Drive, follow curve around to LA Zoo parking lot. Left at stop sign (follow sign, stating to Los Feliz Blvd.). At third stop sign make a left. Turn left at baseball diamond to picnic area.

  2. Its hard to even respect a position of someone with teabags for earrings. A few of my neighbors will be there so be kind, keep it verbal only.

  3. I went to the Tea Party today and it was AWESOME. The Tea Party folks are good people and concerned citizens who don’t want our taxes getting raised and our health care getting ruined. A small, pithy group of counter protestors showed up, looked rather bored, and left long before our event was over. Thanks to all the energetic patriots who showed up. We had a great crowd and great turnout!

  4. Daryl you and Catherine both are lying liars. Yes, the teabaggers had about 250 to even 300 folks (half of ’em on canes and walkers) to show up. As well you should. You’ve been planning this trailer park fest for quite some time. We found out about on Thursday and had over a hundred there to face you off. And boy did we ever. I’ve never been so proud of my fellow Angelenos.

    These bozos actually had the nerve to plant some of their children into our camp as we were setting up! What kinda’ inbred action is that. And we stayed til the very end. That mangy van you call a tour bus didn’t arrive until after 5pm.

    This country is about freedom and equality. There is absolutely no excuse for Americans dying everyday on account of the tragic fact that they have no healthcare. But as many of your protesters shouted back at us today, you don’t care.

    Well we do and we showed to let you know it! By the way, here’s some snapshots of the event. I’ll let the other readers be the judge on how many people came out to defend justice, healthcare and equality for all.

  5. I attended the “Tea Bagger Express” in LA today, and had a great time laughing at the right-wing nut jobs – visibly red-faced while screaming profanity and claiming to be patriots. Most of the t-bags hobbled around looking lost on the battlefield against the notably sophisticated counter-protesters chanting American themed folk songs. It was hard to even discern what the Fox Nuts were protesting or advocating other than elastic waistbands and orthopedic shoes. You had to feel sorry for them in a way; they seemed practically incoherant and disoriented. Classy show on the counter-protest though.

  6. Wow, I expected the event to be spirited, but did not know the comments here would be nearly as lively. Thanks.

  7. Hey Derrick…nice avatar..however, it should be blowing smoke out of his ass…..that’s exactly where you blow it….what was the chant you’re bunch was saying..was it……”need a freebe”? You all looked like a bunch of homeless people…did you stop by the local bridge and recruit? See you in November…we’ll see how large the groups we’re….can’t wait!!

    One Big Ass Mistake America!!

  8. Gee Daryl, I posted pictures of my peeps. And unfortunately yours as well. Just a mere glance at the teabagger crowd one can see that in most cases your parents were also brother and sister.

    And Walt, you’re right. It is a lot of irony that these goons would hold such a protest at a public park. The thing they fail to realize is that this country is in the deep mess it’s in due to 8 years of Bush. Now we have a administration in place that is forced to clean up the mess. And what a mess it is.

    These teabaggers are beyond politically and socially ignorant. They’re just plain stupid.

  9. To all of you that criticize children at these events: Congress is adding mountains and mountains of debts and laws to them daily! Don’t you think they should be allowed to participate in their future and in free speech in action. What happened to the days when liberals believed in free speech?

    My son has opinions and I encourage his independent and free thinking. I mean a socialist is a person who can’t think for themselves. The schools are making our kids into lemmings that spend their time of facebook. It keeps them quiet and busy. I say question everything and don’t be mediocre.

    Check out the debt clock and then you can have an intelligent conversation.

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