Our Pal CuriousJosh Takes You Out Tonight…

curious.josh…and all weekend. LA Weekly photog-about-town and now LA Metblogs correspondent CuriousJosh has a list of stuff for you to do for the next four days. Pound a triple espresso and get on your dancing shoes…you’ll need ’em both. Mr. Curious, take it away:

Hello Los Angeles,
Are you looking for something new and interesting?

I’m CuriousJosh, happily here on loan courtesy of LA Weekly. As a photographer covering underground culture, each week I’ll let you in on a few upcoming offbeat, fun, and weird events that truly make LA interesting. Then after the weekend, I’ll return with photo selections from a few of the events featured here, and even some of the secret events I habituate throughout LA’s underground nightlife.

A taste of the events we’ll be visiting can be seen in the photos on my website, and in this week’s LA Weekly CuriousJosh Column.

Read on for eclectic music, thousands of people doing the Thriller dance, puppets of all sizes, various celebratory skeletons, and at least one ape driving an ambulance!

Thursday: The Do Lab presents Beats Antique.
The Do Lab combines creative environment fabrication, with an ability to showcase music and artists. Known for Coachella’s Misting Oasis, outlandish event facades, and enormous art installations, The Do Lab has recently expanded to featuring artists in above ground Los Angeles venues.

Note: Apparently presale tickets have sold out for Thursday’s Beats Antique show, with guests Deru and Jupiter. There are a few tickets available at the door, so here’s your tip to arrive very early to attempt purchasing one of the few remaining door tickets. Avoid missing the next show by joining The Do Lab’s mailing list.

The Wandering Marionettes

Thursday: Kabinet Theater with the Wandering Marionettes.
Life-size interactive puppet personae, DJs, and dance performances highlight this monthly residency by Cirque Berzerk alumni, The Wandering Marionettes….

…Thursday officially kicks off the unconventional residency with DJs Andrew Orbit, and Pumpkin. If you’re looking to see something new and interesting in a nightclub experience, step inside the Kabinet Theater. CuriousJosh shots from the last Kabinet Theater can be seen here: http://www.laweekly.com/slideshow/view/28203552/5
1652 N. Cherokee Ave
$15 presale, $20 door

Saturday: Dia De Los Muertos at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.
A unique annual celebration offers Day of the Dead festivities amongst the tombs of Hollywood’s immortal legends. An immersive spectacle of altars and costumes sets an enjoyable backdrop for the cemetery celebration, which draws a huge crowd.
Hollywood Forever Cemetery
4pm – 11pm

Saturday: Thrill The World Michael Jackson Flash Mob.
Join over 2000 registered Los Angeles zombie Michael Jackson impersonators for the world’s record attempt at simultaneously performing Michael Jackson’s Thriller. The 5:30pm performance at LA Live is coordinated with groups from 400 participating cities around the world.
Details for the Los Angeles zombie fest, including numerous opportunities to learn the superstar moves are available on the website.

Sunday: The Art of Bleeding Spirits of Safety Show & Gory Details Video Premiere.
Uplifting dark satire combines 1950’s instructional video mentality with blood soaked nurses, puppets, and large costumed characters. Cacophony Society alumnist Reverend Al Ridenour continues traditional nontraditional values with gore inspired safety instruction guaranteed to elevate mental processes beyond any rut formed through regular 9 to 5 living.
California Institute of Abnormal Arts
11334 Burbank Blvd, 91601
Video Premiere 8:00, Live Show 9:00

Dia de Los Muertos, left, and Beats Antique, right.

Hey guys, Lucinda here again. You should follow CuriousJosh on twitter, where he often mentions los angeles event news in addition to topics of general digital, blogging, and photography interests: http://www.twitter.com/curiousjosh

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