Mister Jalopy x Machine Project

markIDIf you are familiar with either of the characters listed in the above title then you know this is one of the coolest things to ever happen in history. Yes, Mister Jalopy is going to be opening up his top secret workshop in hopes of benefiting Machine Project. As Machine Project is a non-profit community organization, 90% of your ticket price (which ranges from $75-$250 depending on what you are hoping to get hooked up with) is tax deductible. I rarely post about fund raisers but having seen this elusive workshop, and knowing the folks behind this I’d say even at $250 it’s a steal, and you are helping support a year full of bad ass programming at MP. I might buy two tickets, just so I could have an excuse to go, leave, put on a fake mustache and then go back again!

2 thoughts on “Mister Jalopy x Machine Project”

  1. I fully back Sean up in imploring you to not miss out on this event. Machine Project is one of my homes-away-from-home and Mister Jalopy is one of the smartest and most interesting guys that I know. I got some inside information from him while (randomly) hanging out together in a downtown jury assembly room a couple of weeks ago and yeah, it’s gonna be pretty darn cool.

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