Book Review: Hi Hollywood

TEMP-Image_5_917[Full disclosure, I’m one of the authors of this book] Holy crap this book is amazing!!!

If you follow me on twitter then you’ve heard me ranting about this already, but Hi Hollywood has just been released and I have to say it’s a must read for anyone who works in the movie industry, does not work in the movie industry, enjoys watching movies, has seen a movie or has not seen a movie but is seriously considering it. While at face value this book is a collection of proposed movie treatments, if you peel back a few layers you find it has a much bigger purpose, and a much loftier goal. From the publishers description:

This book is about the magic of movies. About reaching to a higher standard. About daring to dream. About making movies awesome again. We dare you to read any one of the potential oscar winners presented here in rough treatment format and say that they wouldn’t be awesome movies. We fucking dare you.

It starts off with ‘Brunch of the Dead’ a radically new approach to the zombie genre, and movies quickly into ‘Disaster’ a film I’m sure every person who has ever enjoyed an on screen explosion would kill to see. Things get romantical with ‘Garbage Dude’ and ’80 Foot Hamster’ is a story about cold blooded revenge that even the most kind hearted hippy could relate to. And that is just the beginning, I could go on and on, but that would just take time away that could be spent reading it on your own. And since it’s a free downloadable ebook you really have no reason not to. So what are you waiting for?

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