Get Drunk and Go Home With a Stranger

As the holiday season approaches and your calendar begins to overflow with festive party invites, we at Metblogs urge you to act responsibly, especially when it comes to alcohol consumption.

Our motto is: If you’re going to be making a merry mess of yourself all over town, please do us all a favor and go home with a stranger.

OK, maybe that’s not an official Metblogs motto, but it should be. The thing is, there are many alternatives to drinking and driving. You can take the Metro, call a taxi, hire a limo, appoint a designated driver, call a sober friend, call Alcoholics Anonymous. Still, with all of these options, so many of us will choose to get behind the wheel of our own car and drive home after a night of boozing. I am not proud to admit how many times I have done this in the past.

According to Y Drive, “The main reason people drink and drive is that they don’t want to leave their cars behind.”

Y Drive's Magic Folding Scooter
Y Drive's Magic Folding Scooter

That’s why Y Drive came up with an innovative and affordable service that eliminates this factor altogether. When you call Y Drive, a professional driver will come to you on a folding scooter. For a flat fee of $38, the driver will pack the scooter neatly into your car (in such a way that it will not leak or damage your fine leather interior) and then drive you home in your own car. After you and your automobile are safely put away for the night, the driver will ride away on the folding scooter he or she rode in on. Y Drive is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just call 888.401.3847 or check them out online at

Friend of the blog Eliot also told me that he and his crew have been using a similar service in LA called Booze Croozer. Booze Croozer is more like a limo service, they will not take you home in your own car like Y Drive, but unlike most limo services, you do not have to put down huge deposits or book them far in advance. You can call Booze Croozer while you are at a bar ready to go home and they will pick you and your drunk friends up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Booze Croozer’s rates are apparently comparable to taxi fares ($4.99 initial charge and .49 per mile after) and they even offer specials like free shots on “Tequila Tuesdays” or “Whiskey Wednesdays.” Check out their rates here. For a ride, call them at 1.888.496.2766.

Any way you guzzle it, the options listed here are going to be far less expensive than the cost of a DUI or vehicular manslaughter or your life. So please. Next time you get drunk, go home with a stranger.

If you know of any other services in LA that specialize in providing an alternative to drinking and driving, leave us a comment below.

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