Everything Louder Than Everything Else!

Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead. Photo by Burns!
Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead performs at Club Nokia.

Motörhead rocked my ass off. As they’ve done for the last 34 years, Motörhead hit the road with one thing in mind: Everything Louder Than Everything Else. Well done, boys.

Motörhead headlined Club Nokia at LA Live last Friday night in front of a packed house. Nashville Pussy and the Reverend Horton Heat opened the show and started to build the energy in the room, but when Motörhead took the stage the crowd exploded.

LA MetBlogs gave away tickets to the show, and invited the ticket winners to write about their experiences. Their accounts and more photos after the break.

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Tenacious D: Jack Black & Kyle Gass (background) perform "The Roadie."
Eddie Riggs & Kyle Gass (background) perform "The Roadie."

Just prior to Motörhead’s set, a roadie walked on the stage to check mics and drums. He seemed like most other roadies you’ve seen (dressed in black, baseball cap, scraggly hair,) though he may have been hitting the gym a little too hard. When he was done checking the stage, he approached the mic. That roadie was none other than Eddie Riggs (Jack Black,) from the new heavy metal fantasy video game “Brütal Legend.” The game also features the voice of Lemmy Kilmister, among other metal legends.

Black invited his Tenacious D partner, Kyle Gass, to join him onstage and the duo performed an ode to “The Roadie.”

Then the time had finally arrived. Motörhead walked on to the stage and Lemmy made a simple introduction in his familiar gravelly tone: “We’re Motörhead. We play rock & roll.”

Thus began a 90 minute aural assault that covered all the expected Motörhead classics, as well as great new songs from their latest CD, “Motörizer.”

MetBlogs reader Adam had this to say:

“Lemmy’s clearly the real deal. I was shocked at how immaculate his outfit is and that he truly looks exactly the same as he ever has. He hasn’t become fat and bloated like other 70s rock stars, but instead has aged rather gracefully, considering. His son came out the second to the last song on acoustic guitar. Of course, the second song he encored with was ‘Ace of Spades,’ which is naturally what everyone was waiting for and the mosh pit truly erupted like never before.”

Motörhead at Club Nokia. Photo by Burns!
Phil Campbell, Lemmy Kilmister and Mikkey Dee (behind drums) perform at Club Nokia.

Cary, one of our other ticket winners, added:

“There are, in my estimation, very few constants in hard rock. Although there may be bands who never disappoint, they are few. Slayer and Megadeth are sterling examples of bands who never disappoint, but there is no greater example than Motorhead. I am overjoyed to report that Motorhead continued their reign as the most dependably awesome band in hard rock with their performance at Club Nokia in Los Angeles. They came out of the gate on fire and they never let up, playing new stuff with which I was utterly unfamiliar and old stuff with which I am very familiar. Highlights of the set list, for me, included two of their best: Bomber and Killed by Death. Song after song, my ass was kicked. What more can you ask from a rock band?”

Indeed, what more can you ask from a rock band?  Therein lies the secret of Motörhead’s enduring success. Become the best at what you do, then do it consistently; song after song, night after night. Motörhead achieved legendary status long ago, yet they never phone it in; they never take that status for granted. They show up every night and give the fans what they want – a good ass kicking. That is why their fans (like me) will continue to see them again and again. That is why people who are (inexplicably) unfamiliar instantly become loyal fans upon experiencing Motörhead live.

Were you at the show? Leave a comment below with your thoughts on Motörhead’s awesomousity. Did you miss the show? You’ll probably want to chime in below with how bummed you are (and, you are) and how you’ll certainly not make the same mistake the next time Motörhead comes to town.

Thanks to MetBlogs readers Adam and Cary for contributing.
All photos by Burns!. They get bigger with a click of your mouse. More photos from the show, including Nashville Pussy and Reverend Horton Heat can be found here.

7 thoughts on “Everything Louder Than Everything Else!”

  1. One side note: toward the middle of Motörhead’s set I was up in the balcony, looking down on the stage and the mosh pit. In the middle of the raging pit I saw a quadriplegic in a wheelchair, pushing the joystick with his mouth and running into other moshers. That dude was hardcore.

  2. Lucinda: I’m still editing photos from that show (I shot a lot,) so the set linked above will continue to grow. I think somewhere in there I’ve got a photo of the dude in the chair.

  3. Gah! It was this show that prevented him from performing in Las Vegas on Saturday night. I read part of your review, but got sad, so I quit. :(

    BTW, I still owe you guys a review of the …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead show.

  4. Motorhead canceled in Vegas? I hadn’t heard that. Was it a voice problem? That’s a huge disappointment that you didn’t get to see them, but the good news is, they seem to tour non-stop; they’ll be back soon.

  5. Motorhead kicked ass as always. I was able to see an hour of the show. The volume was up so high you could hear the fuzz from the amp. Stellar. Burns, again, thanks for the tickets. I was reliving my heyday and realized that I am no longer a younger man. My buddy had some diabetic issues and my back took a crap on me. Burns, you are the man.

  6. Glad you had a good time, Justin. Sorry to hear about the health issues, but glad you got to enjoy most of the show. I discovered that I’m no longer the young man I once was, either. I shot the first three songs of each set from the barricade in front of the stage, then got out of the fray and up to the balcony where I could look down on the mayhem.

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