Venice Skatepark already in trouble

Only two weeks ago the long planned Venice Skatepark finally opened. It’s been getting amazing reviews from locals and every time I’ve walked past it’s been packed with skaters of all ages and passers by of even more all ages. But there’s already trouble in paradise, Yo Venice! reports that the LAPD has informed the Venice Surf and Skate Association (who built the park) that they can no longer provide security when the park is closed, which has instantly resulted in the homeless population of the surrounding area moving into the park. The face value problems this poses are obvious, but on a larger scale this is the kind of thing that could cause the city to decide the park is more trouble than it’s worth a pull the plug on it. Yo Venice! explains how you can help. The park is really amazing and it would be a shame to lose it so quickly due to a few short sighted decisions. Image via Yo Venice!

7 thoughts on “Venice Skatepark already in trouble”

  1. Even better, I’m waiting for the first kid to get injured and sue the city for millions. It’s amazing how f’cked up our society has become. Try and do something nice and it’s just a big f’ing mess.

  2. Only in Venice. Doesn’t some level and combination of local police and municipal workers have the responsibility by law, to patrol, protect, and “police” (meaning keep clean) the park and surrounding grounds?

  3. VSA didn’t build the skate park, the City did. VSA obviously had a big role in pushing to get it done, but they didn’t build it.

  4. Just start drowning the homeless in the ocean as you would any other vermin that might start infesting your area.

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