Found on road alive: 427 Cobra

cobrafrontOh we love our fast cars here in LA.  This near pristine Cobra 427 was spotted at Kaiser Pasadena during the lunch hour today.  Nice to see the old car being used, and on the streets no less instead of restricted to the odd track event or horrors…trailered to car shows.

The Cobra 427 was Carrol Shelby’s effort to get an A/C Cobra homologated for racing and have something that could beat the Corvette of the era. (Homologation is the process of producing enough cars for road use so they can be used as a “stock” road car for track use).   Though he missed getting homologation completed in time for the 1965 racing season, it was eventually was and became a terror of the race tracks even into the 1970’s by private racing teams.

A couple of more pics after the jump.cobrarear


Found on Road Alive is part of a random series celebrating LA’s center of car culture status.  All pics by me with the trusty cell cam and do get bigger with a click.frazGOESlargeblacktiny

6 thoughts on “Found on road alive: 427 Cobra”

  1. Man, that is one sweet ride. I hope this story gets an update where you tell us that you stuck around ’til the owner returned and s/he offered to let you spin it around the block a few times.

    (By the way, I added the “s/” for the sake of pc, but really, is there any question that a dude owns that car?)

  2. It’s gotta be a kit car. In decent shape a genuine AC Cobra is worth $500,000. Would you leave a 500k car parked next to that POS with the primer fender, I think not.

    If it is real I don’t care how much $$$ you have, that car should never be left alone in a parking lot. It’s a work of art, an endangered species and can never be replaced. It should be raced at Willow Springs, polished and then put back in the living room where it belongs.

  3. On second look, I think I might have to agree with Bromike. That car is in pretty good condition, but look at how dusty it is. If I had a half-million dollar car, it would be immaculate.

    Either way, kit car or real deal, that is one badass ride.

  4. If its a kit, and always a possibility, it was a very good one as the body was ripple free and only the hoodscoop was questionable.

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