Too Sexy for Beverly Blvd

Sexy-Volvo-smallI have fond memories of the boxy Volvo’s I used to own.  And probably less fond ones of seeing the Playboy sticker outlines on truck mudflaps.  Somehow I wouldn’t have thought to combine the two.

I guess it’s the neighborhood.  I am not sure whether the driver ahead of me on La Cienega was heading to the vegan Real Food Daily restaurant, or perhaps to the Live Nude Girls Girls Girls strip club, since they are right across the street from each other.

2 thoughts on “Too Sexy for Beverly Blvd”

  1. Its one of those roll your eyes and groan moments. That girly outline is really popular with some groups in the SGV…all over their pickup mudflaps, back windows etc.,. I gave up wondering why they do it. Great find, first on a Volvo for me too.

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