Maria Shriver, Douchebag Driver?

IMG_1556TMZ, I love you.  I never thought I’d say that.  But that was my reaction after being pointed by the Los Angeles Times Local section online to these photos at purportedly catching First Lady Maria Shriver Schwarzenegger in the act.  No, not an adulterous sex romp, but rather, two cell phone-in-hand chatting sessions while driving, at least one of which reportedly takes place in Los Angeles.  Yeah, it was her husband Arnold who signed  the law that Maria clearly appears to be breaking.

I can’t wait for Maria’s top five excuses:

5.  I was stopped at a red light.
4.  I was stopped in traffic.
3.  The pics are Photoshop phonies.
2.  It wasn’t me, it was Mariel Hemingway (top photo).
1.  It wasn’t me, it was Amy Irving (bottom photo).

This once, I hope a TMZ celebrity story makes front page news and stays there.  Maybe it will save some lives.

8 thoughts on “Maria Shriver, Douchebag Driver?”

  1. Spotted her with female bodyguard at a local Trader Joe’s a few months ago, in a black mo-fo humvee, tard-parking over 2 (much in demand) spaces + with bad mo-fo attitude. Super douche.

  2. Hmmm. In my book, the good Maria Shriver has done, far outweighs driving with a cellphone (c’mon who hasn’t she’s only human….I’m NOT condoning it… but there are FAR FAR worse sins) and to judge her by her parking inabilities…. seems a bit harsh. Where’s the compassion…. and more importantly humor people?

  3. Fines for cellphone use should increase to the same level as when you get snagged by one of those photo-enforced intersection cameras– around $400. You want to talk on your phone? Pull over and stop endangering other drivers.

  4. I’m with Chal on this one. I don’t use my cell while driving, it can just roll over to voice mail and be done with it. Driving is one of my quiet times with no disturbances.

  5. I’m with Chal too. Tammara, I fail to see the humor (but I certainly see the irony) in this. It’s one case where a law makes sense, although, unfortunately, the law is ignored on an epidemic level, and the police don’t seem to be enforcing it. So perhaps public shaming of a high-profile person is just what is needed to send the message that chatting on your cell phone behind the wheel is often stupid and dangerous, especially when it’s a case of hand-held chatting in clear violation of California law. As for whether Maria Shriver is otherwise a terrific person, note that this post only addresses her driving.

  6. Am I the only one that constantly sees police and sherrifs on their cell phones yappin away?

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