826LA Brings The Funny

Eddie Izzard by Nick J. Webb, used under Creative Commons.
Eddie Izzard by Nick J. Webb, used under Creative Commons.

As I’ve mentioned previously, 826LA is my favorite non-profit organization. There may not be any profit, but it still takes a lot of money to do all the great work they do. Thus, there are occasional fund-raisers and benefits. 826 benefits are always win-win situations, though, because while they get the money, you get top-notch entertainment for a relative bargain price.

There are a couple of great 826LA benefits happening this week, starting with a very special show tonight at the EchoPlex featuring the spectacularly funny Eddie Izzard! This show was just announced, and as of this writing some tickets are still available for only $20 (plus a reasonable, non-TicketBastard service charge.) Race to get them at TicketWeb HERE. Izzard’s L.A. shows have historically sold out very quickly (with higher ticket prices,) so don’t wait.

On Friday night, M Bar Supper Club in Hollywood is the place to be for “Behind the Smoggy Veil: Tinseltown Tales.” This evening of comedy features (among others) Taylor Negron, and is hosted by my old friend, the very funny Sarah Taylor. Given the title, I’m going to guess it will be an evening of funny stories about life in Hollywood. This promises to be a great show as well, so call the number at the link above and make a table reservation now.

One week. Two benefits for 826LA. Two evenings full of laughter. You’re welcome.

5 thoughts on “826LA Brings The Funny”

  1. Man oh man! I would have bought tickets in one heartbeat if I were there! Luckily, still have tix for January…though it won’t be going to as good a cause.

    If you get to see Mr. Izzard, ask him how he’s doing after all his marathons!

  2. Julia: If I get to chat with him, I can’t imagine talking about anything else.

    For anyone who hasn’t heard, over seven weeks this summer Eddie Izzard ran 43 marathons (1,105 miles) in 51 days! And he only trained for five weeks before beginning this craziness. It was all for charity, and he raised £200,000 (about $318,000) for Sport Relief in Britain.

    F’ing amazing!

  3. Talk about dream dinner table guests. Eddie is the man. His James Bond comedy routine, along with many others, is effing brilliant…ran all those marathons…played piano for Midge Ure at Live8…a real Renaissance man. And speaking of which, he’s very knowledgeable about history (check out his routine about the English kings), so he probably knows all kinds of details about the Renaissance too.

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