13 thoughts on “Car Pool Lame”

  1. Reminds me of the shirtless guy in Ghost World’s reaction when told he had to leave the liquor store: “This is America–learn the rules!”

  2. if you find out where I can get one for MY FORD F-150 GIGANTIC PICK-UP TRUCK, please let me know?

  3. @Evan, that would be “Doug,” one of the great mulleted, nunchucked, tube-socked, wife-beater-t-sunburn-patterned movie characters of all time.

  4. Yes, Doug. I couldn’t remember his name. One of my favorite scenes in any movie:

    Doug: What’s up, Josh? Give me two packs of cigarettes today. Working overtime: Sixteen hours.
    [Puts malt liquir bottle on the counter]
    Doug: And nature’s nectar, wake-up juice. And give me six of these beef jerkys. I’m hungry enough to chew the crotch out of a rag doll.
    [Sidewinder Boss spots him]
    Sidewinder Boss: Hey. Hey. How many times do I have to tell you? No shirt, no service. Get the hell out of my store. What do you think this is, Club Med?
    Doug: It’s called America, dude. Learn the rules.
    Sidewinder Boss: “Learn the rules?” No, YOU learn the rules. We Greeks invented democracy.
    Doug: You also invented homos.
    Sidewinder Boss: Fuck you.
    Doug: You wish. You gotta buy me dinner first.

    My friend and I were crying from laughter when we saw that, and the rest of the theater was dead silent.

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