My Baggage

IMG_1687Somewhere in Culver City lies this storage unit.  And in this storage unit lies all my stuff.  My stuff fits into the smallest storage unit I could find (4′ x 4′ x 3.5′), which is pretty impressive considering that my home has only one closet.  This is a result of me getting rid of lots of stuff when I moved to Southern California after a lifelong stint on the East Coast.

See, I did what I think a lot of other people do: move out here with the least possible baggage, literally and figuratively, to start a new life.  Many of us come here with the idea that (1) it’s something we need to try once in our life; and (2) we’re going to try it for a year or so, to see if we can “make it,” whether professionally, socially, in the arts, as a complete reinvention of self, or whatever that term may mean to us.

Inside my storage unit, aside from things like luggage that I use, are boxes filled with books and other items that I can’t seem to let go of.  One such item is a framed painting that my mom painted decades ago as a student.  That painting got as far as the open trunk of my car at the Goodwill in Gaithersburg, Maryland, my hands grasping each side of the frame, before I decided that, one day, it may be the only thing I have of hers that she actually made.

My “year or so” California trial is about to reach its three year anniversary.  And I’m still traveling light.

8 thoughts on “My Baggage”

  1. I’ve got a storage unit, too. Quite a bit bigger and filled with crap I haven’t looked at or thought about in months. I’ve got to learn to let go.

  2. Matt, yes congrats on your 3rd anniversary. You do travel light from the looks of the photo. I am slowly getting rid of stuff myself and the more things I get rid it the easier it becomes. Good call on keeping your mom’s painting.

  3. I have a friend who moved here from Connecticut “for a year only.” That was nearly 17 years ago! Let us know when you decide you are staying and have a yard sale!

  4. As far as the staying, I still trick myself that it’s a year-to-year renewable option. As far as the stuff, I thought I had pared down to the minimum, but two of you think it’s still too much? I’m just trying to not accumulate more clutter, of all types.

  5. I’m sure that if your Mom read this, she would be very touched.
    Someone once said, “home is where the heart is”. You’ll have to figure that one out.

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