Next In An Occasional Series Called “The Street Swastikas Of Hancock Park”

Heading west this morning, I stopped pedaling between Hudson Avenue and June Street on 4th Street through Hancock Park because some immortalized shoeprints caught my eye, probably from some young prankster who I could picture mischieviously scampering over the patch of wet concrete repairwork that had been freshly poured on the roadway however many years ago.

Then I turned and found this — signed, no less? — and promptly forget about the footsteps frozen in time:


It’s but a block and a half to the east of this one I chanced upon last November. Staring at it I wondered several things: how old it was, where the next one might reveal itself, and if the Bureau of Street Services would act upon or ignore a request (that I’ve since made) to have the repugnant symbols of hatred excised. I was remiss in tolerating that first one. Two will just not do.

UPDATED (10.13): Following my second request this morning to L.A. Bureau of Street Services via its website I received an email reply stating that the job doesn’t fall under their jurisdiction and that they forwarded it to the city’s Beautification Committee. Rather than wait to hear from that entity I filed a graffiti removal request via its website and am awaiting their response.

8 thoughts on “Next In An Occasional Series Called “The Street Swastikas Of Hancock Park””

  1. Yeah, when I used to live around there I’d see those swazis all the time. Pretty f’d up considering the Jewish population around there.

    Something I recently discovered, was that in the 1970’s the Nazi swastika was a popular symbol used by Chicano gangs seen here in El Sereno.

  2. If that symbol was meant to be derogatory (and I’m pretty sure it was), then the person failed, assuming the “D.W.” was inscribed at the same time by the same person. Technically, the swastika s/he drew is the Hindu/Buddhist version. The Nazi version is at a 45-degree angle.

    Shows to prove how absolutely ignorant people who do such things are; if you’re going to do something inflammatory, at least do it *correctly*.

  3. What I find more interesting is the city graffiti crews are all over freshly painted stuff yet have allowed this to sit for years even when brought to the city’s attention. Sad.

  4. Fauxtog: I remember a comment to the first swastika found last year,someone mentioned the swasktika was the Buddhist version. Like you I find it highly unlikely — or at least not at all zen-like — that someone purposefully scratched that into the concrete to promote peace and harmony. It’s got ignorance and hate written all over it.

    As to the symbols being left alone by the city Fraz, I’m not sure until my request yesterday that it had been brought to the Bureau of Street Services’ attention. I’ll update when (or if!) I hear back from them. If not I’ll contact Councilman LaBonge’s office next.

  5. I went one better concerned, I filed a service request directly with Bureau of Street Services. So far, I’ve heard nothing back, but I’ll give ’em until Monday or Tuesday to respond before taking it to the next level.

  6. I will be purchasing two homes in this community..Its very sad that young men have nothing better to do with their lives..than waste good money on tagging..Hancock park was and still is the original Beverly Hills..I think that laws should be inacted to really deter,,,this form of Vandelism..Though I will remain a lady…keep that one for my Twitter acct..The city and the Home owners ass..Should stay on top of this nuisance..

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