Buff Fever: Catch It!

On the heels of last month’s elimination of Saber’s huge L.A. River mural, comes news via CBS2.com that today a contractor with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has begun painting over the gigantic MTA tag (Wiki page) on the river’s west bank estimated to be almost 60-feet tall and a third of a mile long.

According to this L.A. Times story from January of this year, seven members of the crew suspected of painting the the tag (which stands for “Metro Transit Assassins”) were arrested.

In that article the Army Corps of Engineers said it “estimates that removing the MTA tag from the river alone will cost $3.7 million because hazardous materials crews must create an elaborate dam to capture all the paint and runoff water so it doesn’t get into the riverbed.”

Federal stimulus money well-spent?