Bratton on east vs. west

LAPD Chief Bill Bratton’s dissatisfactions with the way things run in Los Angeles, compared to Boston and New York where he was also police chief prior to his tenure here, have been known. And in some respects, there is no love lost for him over his departure at the end of this month. (Yes, his last day on the job in LA is Halloween.)

Yesterday he laid out east vs. west complaints at Los Angeles Magazine’s regular Breakfast Conversation confab at the Foundry restaurant on Melrose.

East Coast, it’s much more in your face, bloody the nose and then go and have a drink. Here it’s basically, don’t have it out and hold a grudge and try to undermine each other at every turn. I don’t know whether that’s the ethos of the movie industry that’s now basically going into the rest of the society out here.

My style is basically, fight it out, get it done and move on… Life is too short, get it over with, instead of this lingering payback.

This city is almost a city that doesn’t work in so many respects and it’s frustrating. The New York minute – the reason that phrase is so appropriate for New York, things get done.

Audio excerpts were aired this morning on KPCC by Frank Stoltze on Morning Edition. A video of the entire event is on LA Mag’s site.

One thought on “Bratton on east vs. west”

  1. Although I was born and lived here all my life, I will admit I must have some east coast in me. I liked how he told like it was, didnt pussyfoot around the point. I also like the get the sh*t done and move on attitude. when he said ,”there’s no need for laws against the paparazzi anymore, since Britney’s sane again, Paris is M.I.A., and Lindsay’s now gay….” I was like omg we were all thinking this thank god he said it. come on, that is funny shit maynard.

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