13 thoughts on “Pee Wee Extended!”

  1. So……thanks for the hat tip, but I TOTALLY MISSED the date change!!! What the crap?? Oh well….I guess this just means I have more time to put together my Pee Wee costume. Because I WILL be dressing up.

  2. It does suck for us ticket holders. You basically can exchange your tickets starting at 10am TODAY for “comparable” seats…whatever that means. I’m still happy to be seeing the show, but am now having to wrestle with new dates, bigger venue, etc. Such first world problems, eh?

  3. And now their exchange system wont be working for a few hours.
    I had fantastic seats to the music box, and this whole venue change is just fucking us ticketholders over.
    Sorry Lucinda, the Nokia is not a better venue than the Music box, and I doubt my stageside seats from the latter will be “comparable” to stageside at the Nokia.

  4. Just got off with a ticketmaster rep and apparently my $57 stageside seats at the Music Box are going to be $127 each at the Nokia.
    Way to fuck over your fans for a blatant cash-grab.

  5. Right. Some of us bought airfare/hotels/rental cars and took off almost a week of work to catch multiple nights during the nov/dec run.

    Totally eff’d over.

  6. Okay, I just got off the phone (after trying to get through for 2 HOURS, mind you), and had no problem switching my tickets. However, they said nothing about a price change, so if I see additional fees on my credit card, I’m going to throw a fit. I already can’t stand Ticketbastard, and if they pull some sort of “your tickets you have now are more expensive, so we have the right to charge you the difference”…well, the sh*t’s gonna hit the fan.

    I’m also bummed they’re switched to rows of seats vs. the cabaret tables that were to be at the Fonda, but I guess I can live with that. What we go through to see good art…

  7. Oops, that was “they’ve switched to rows”, not they’re. See? I get indignant and don’t pay attention to grammar.

  8. I was just able to get my three tix switched, but I’ve gone from assigned seating (they were asking $50 more for seats in the “rear balcony”!) to “GA FLOOR.” No idea what this is going to be like.

    BTW, here’s the seating chart for Club Nokia:


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