Win Tix To Motörhead with Rev. Horton Heat, Friday Oct. 9

Motörhead by Mark Marek Photography, used under Creative Commons.
Motörhead by Mark Marek Photography, used under Creative Commons.

Motörhead and special guest Reverend Horton Heat are coming to Club Nokia in downtown L.A. on Friday, October 9. Also on the bill are Nashville Pussy and Chelsea Girls. Best of all, LA MetBlogs has your tickets to the show.

Motörhead is one of my favorite hard rock bands. After 34 years on the road, Lemmy & co. still rock harder than most bands half their age. The influence they’ve had on rock & roll is undeniable. Ask any latter-day hard rock or speed metal band who taught them how to rock, and if they’re honest, the first name on the list will be Motörhead.

Here’s your chance to see these legends (and the other great acts on the bill) with Lucinda Michele & me!  Well, we’ll give you the tickets; whether you hang with us is up to you.

Tell me via comment below which band(s) you want to see and why. Or tell me about your favorite Motörhead song. Really, just tell me something that will convey how much you want, need, demand to be at this show. Winners will be chosen at my whim and notified via email, so make sure you enter yours correctly. Complete show info is here.

Bonus: My all-time favorite photo of Lemmy is here.

UPDATE: First, ticket winners have all been notified and confirmed. All the responses were great, and I wish I could take everyone to the show. If you didn’t win, buy tickets at the link above and meet us at the show. This is going to be an unforgettable concert!

Second, I just got off the telephone with Motorhead’s manager. He wanted to let everyone know that Motorhead will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live tomorrow (Thursday) night, so stay up late.

Finally, for those going to the show (which should be everyone,) doors open at 7:30pm, show starts at 8:00. Reverend Horton Heat goes on at 9:40, and Motorhead hits the stage at 11:00pm. Get there early to see Chelsea Girls and Nashville Pussy, and get ready for Motorhead to rock your ass off. Also, bring earplugs. Safety first.

See you at the show!

20 thoughts on “Win Tix To Motörhead with Rev. Horton Heat, Friday Oct. 9”

  1. I want to see Motorhead because Lemmy is the sexiest man in rock’n’roll. Hands down. My favorite song might be Die You Bastard, a song which actually lives up to the awesomeness of its title.

    Bonus points: unnecessary diacritics, ftw.

  2. Lets just say Lemmy is God (or at least God like)! I’m a bit nuts but I made a special trip to The Rock & Roll of Hall of Fame in Cleveland Ohio when I heard about the Bang Your head exhibition! Favorite songs: In the Year of the Wolf, Doctor Rock, Dont Waste Your Time, Bad Woman and Devils to name a few.

  3. Lemmy=Legendary. I’m a music geek and have been dying to see Motörhead forever. Always been intrigued to see Reverend Horton Heat, as well. Seem like a great pairing! Even though “Ace of Spades” as classic as it gets, as a music geek, I have fondness for the Motörhead song, “R.A.M.O.N.E.S.” on their album 1916 in 1991. It’s great to find a connection between the pioneer metal and pioneer punk music, when the two genres’ fans were so at odds with each other in the 80s.

  4. I want to see every band on this bill! Chelsea Girls is a rad super group. I love Corey Parks. Nashville Pussy is some dirty hard southern rock. The Rev is pure psychobilly bliss. And Motorhead makes me hot.

  5. @Annika: You win the hang with LuMi & Burns! contest. You know, sometime soon. You’ve probably made the better choice, as well. Though I don’t think Club Nokia has the same rules as the LA Gun Club, I’m pretty sure Motorhead & Rev. Horton Heat will be louder than the gunfire. May do permanent damage. At the very least, you don’t want that kid banging his/her head ’til after s/he’s out.

  6. Have fun guys! The husband and I are making the trek to Vegas to see Lemmy & co. on Saturday. So looking forward to the show and a weekend of gambling.

  7. Motorhead introduced me to what the Rolling Stones and the Kinks should have been. The grittiest, loudest and most beastly British rock band. Lemmy has the attitude that just personifies rock n roll. He could care less what the establishment thinks of him. His goal is drink more Jack and get more chicks than anyone else. And he does and does not brag about it. Motorhead is the reason why Metallica exists. Motorhead makes the Rainbow on Sunset seem classy. Lemmy Kilmister is the baddest dude to strap on a Rickenbastard bass and just light it up. No one since Cliff Burton can play the buzz saw bass better than Lemmy. Motorhead just plain fuckin’ rules. Can you tell that I like Motorhead? Pick up White Line Fever, it’s a good read.

  8. Definitely Motörhead. Lemmy is the just about the awesomest motherfucker in Rock. Not just because of Motörhead, but Hawkwind as well, not to mention roadie-ing for The Nice and giving Keith Emerson (another idol of mine, I must admit) the knife with which he electrocuted himself while stabbing his Hammond. Hell, I even have to give him props for being pretty damn funny in the John Wayne Bobbit porno film.

    I’ve been listening to Motörhead for well over two decades now, but never managed to see them live. That’s something that needs to be fixed.

  9. Really really wanna go! Justin & I wanna join Brett there for her birthday. Our group has already bought over 20 tix. Me & Just need some. Come one MetBlogs, show me you are legit! Can’t wait!

  10. I demand you to give me Motörhead tickets, Burns! lol Lemmy is one of the most important figures in rock and roll. Hawkwind’s “space ritual” album is one of my favorite records of all time! And most people talk about early “Ace of Spades” era Motörhead but my favorite record is their 1996 album “Overnight Sensation” it rocks! oh and my friend that I would take has a really cool mustache that would fit in nicely at a Motörhead show..

  11. Lemmy stole my girlfriend that bastard. And on one hand, I can’t blame the motherfucker – He is LEMMY afterall and that’s what he’s about. I love that fucking asshole (warts and all), and I want to hear that gravely shitbox known as his larynx rock, but I just can’t bring myself to pay to see him.

  12. Many compelling stories here. Once again, there are more great stories than there are tickets. You guys rock; I wish I could bring you all along. Of course, for anyone that doesn’t win, there are still a few tickets left available at the link above. If you don’t win, buy ’em and join us anyway. Winners will be notified by sometime tomorrow.

  13. One last thing. Lemmy is the only motherfucker that can make moles the size of Coco Puffs fucking cool!

  14. Okay, y’all. As of midnight (right now) this contest is closed. Winners will be notified via email before end of day Wednesday. If you haven’t heard from me by Wednesday night, go buy tickets and meet us at the show. It’s gonna be awesome!

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