Win Tix to Lucent Dossier at the El Rey on Wednesday!

lucentdossierMan, am I bummed I’m gonna be missing this one. But my vacation calls! You’ll have to go for me. Lucent Dossier’s cirque-meets-vaudeville-meets-Moulin Rouge-meets-Weimar-meets-Wonderland vibe is unlike any other, and it’s not just onstage: to go to one of their shows is to step into a 360-degree performance where the show happens all around you.

Wanna go? Tell me, in the comments, about a trippy experience you had or a bizarre show you attended. Maybe this one will show it up.

Info on the show is here.

4 thoughts on “Win Tix to Lucent Dossier at the El Rey on Wednesday!”

  1. i couldn’t afford the cirque berzerk tixs but did attend the free sideshow which included the vaud & villains show…the experience was extremely fun since you could not differentiate performer from audience or vice versa, everyone was part of the show

  2. A few days ago at the Tomorrow Show I saw an act called Freaks in the Box. They started out as a ventriloquist act. Towards the end of a series of bad jokes, they tried do do a card trick with the audience. A 3 of hearts was pulled, but the dummy couldn’t get the right card. Then the dummy fell over and they started dancing to Sir Mix-A-Lot. Next they started making out with each other and then it got real weird. The ventriloquist pulled a fake penis from his pants while the dummy exposed a weird looking vagina. They mocked intercourse for a moment and then the dummy pulled the 3 of hearts from the vagina.

  3. I do love Lucent Dossier. I have seen them at a few gatherings and they do provide a variety of experience at any given moment.

    I cant say I have seen a show that was bizarre but more than a few art installations caught my eye with a bit of bizarre thrown in.

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