Win Tix to Great Lake Swimmers, October 12

greatlakeswimmersI loved this band when I first heard them about two years ago on Little Radio. Their song “Moving Pictures, Silent Films” is a haunting little curio cabinet of a song that crops up in my memory often when I’m feeling cloudy and complicated, as is often the case.  Their atmospheric, plaintive sound is a don’t-miss for anyone in love with heartfelt sounds.

So we’ve got tickets to the show. If you want to go, leave a comment and tell me the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you. We’ll randomly pick a few winners to go.

Info on the show is here.

2 thoughts on “Win Tix to Great Lake Swimmers, October 12”

  1. It was just one of those bad days where it got really messy with a friend and the next day, one of my girlfriends brought me a bouquet of pink daisies!

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