Metblogs Concert Recap: Autolux at the El Rey

autoluxLA Metblogs contest winner Jon went to the Autolux show last week, and he wrote a concert review for us, plus took some photos. Read on!  -Lucinda.

Over the last several years, Autolux have grasped onto something very few bands can successfully accomplish: creating a fan-base solely off one record (which actually released exactly 5 years ago this month). Now then, with that said, most acts would cease to continue if 5 years passed by without new material for the masses; however some die-hard fans like myself are definitely in it for the long haul.

With that said, ‘lux played at the gorgeous El Rey Theatre last Friday to one of the sassiest crowds I’ve seen in a while. As a dedicated fan of the space rock outfit, I’m used to some hands in the air, and heads swaying back and forth. Tonight was different for some reason…autolux3…Crowd surfing, mosh-pitting, and tons of song requests (I must have heard “SUGARLESS!” yelled at least 7 times by various people).

With a setlist of a mere 11 songs, it was a short night to say the least. However, nearly half of their time on stage was dedicated to new material, which, might I add, sounds amazing. One new track specifically delighted my ear-drum as it was sung by Greg Edwards (guitars) rather than Eugene Goreshter (vocals, bass) – this was by far the bands most electric-induced song to date, taking influence from acts such as Portishead, Bjork, and Team Sleep. While I love what Eugene adds to the band, I’m glad to hear Greg step out from of the shadows and bring a new voice to one of the best local bands Los Angeles has to offer.

autolux4If Autolux ever decide to release a new album, I will be a happy camper. Until then, I’m still a fan of 2004’s Fantastic Planet, and you should be too.

Autloux @ El Rey Set List:
1. Cenus*
2. Audience No. 2*
3. Subzero Fun
4. Capital Kind of Strain
5. Plantlife
6. Science*
7. Kissproof*
8. Robots in the Garden
9. Blanket
10. Highchair*
11. Turnstile Blues

*New songs

All photos also by Jon H.

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  1. Silly Jon- Fantastic Planet was the brilliant 1996 album from Failure. 2004’s Future Perfect was the first album from Autolux

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