Is eMove resorting to scare tactics?

3971884777_6c577fe7d8Mickipedia just spotted this sign somewhere around LA. It says “IT IS A FEDERAL CRIME TO EMPLOY OR PICK-UP DAY LABORERS. PUNISHABLE BY A $5000 FINE”

First off, this is a flat out lie. As we know from LA city legislation not only are day laborers legal but they are being actively protected. Also the lack of citing specifically which federal law is being referenced is a major red flag. My first thought is that this is just a tactic being used to scare people away from hiring them and push them to one of the companies listed on the flyer. There are two companies listed – eMove and Uhaul. I called Uhaul first and the person I spoke with said they have no idea what this is and don’t endorse it at all. The second company also lists a toll free number which I called and and found a recording directing me to call other numbers depending on what kind of moving help I need. Their website seems just to be a broker for moving help and is registered to a guy named Sam Shoen who lives in Phoenix, AZ. I called several of the numbers and couldn’t get a live person on any of them so I don’t know if they know about this flyer or not.

Either way, regardless of how you feel about day laborers, telling people it’s a federal crime to hire them to try and point business somewhere else is extremely messed up.


I just received an e-mail from Sam Shoen from a “” e-mail address. He said he works for emove and asked:

Can you tell me where you found this sign? I would like to fix this.

I wrote back asking if they endorsed the sign and asking for a statement from him about it. Haven’t heard back yet but it seems there is at least some kind of connection between Uhaul and eMove.

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  1. You know, that is just the shits. I’d suspect they are referencing, poorly, the part of federal law where its illegal to hire an undocumented person which is why big companies ask for proof of right to work here, but c’mon this is day laborers and who cares. Let them make their buck in piece.

    Let us know if you actually ever hear from anyone associated with the posting of the notice you saw, that would be interesting.

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