Byrne Baby, Byrne

What happened to the freakin’ week? I meant to post about this days ago so just in case you haven’t read about it elsewhere, and have even the slightest interest in pedaling around this place we call home here’s what’s happening October 2 at 8 p.m. at Little Tokyo’s Aratani/Japanese American Theater (244 S. San Pedro St.):

The Library Foundation of Los Angeles, as part of its ALOUD series of lectures, readings, performances, and discussions is presenting “Cities, Bicycles and the Future of Getting Around” featuring musician and author of “Bicycle Diaries” David Byrne and guests Bicycle Kitchen Co-Founder Jimmy Lizama, UCLA Professor of Urban Planning Donald Shoup, along with LADOT Senior Bicycle Coordinator LADOT Senior Bicycle Coordinator (or as I like to call her: Fully Assimilated Bureaucratician) Michelle Mowery. She’s absolutely FAB-ulous.

Be a part of what I expect will be a spirited conversation on how we can shape this city into a more bike-friendly place and less car-adoring like Audi insultingly did in this Los Angeles-filmed ad currently spoiling the airwaves:


Tickets are $25 and proceeeds will go to support ALOUD’s free programs at the Central Library. Bicycle valet parking provided by the L.A. County Bike Coalition.

4 thoughts on “Byrne Baby, Byrne”

  1. In Audi’s defense, anyone who would own an Audi probably wouldn’t be riding a bike or public transpo or anything, so a clean diesel is better than an SUV!

  2. Conversely Dave, Audi makes it clear that anyone riding a bus or bike or old Volvo can’t possibly afford their vehicles. And while I guess clean diesel’s more enviro-friendly than regular gas, it’s too bad Audi didn’t opt to aim its snark and derision at the gas-guzzling SUV crowd rather than us tired, poor and huddled masses.

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