Developing: Plane halted at LAX

Confusing mixed up details of something going down right now at LAX. According to the LA Times a plane has been stopped from taking off and has been relocated to be searched. That’s the agreed upon details, LAPD says two men were removed from the plane for acting suspicious, FBI says one man was detained after failing to comply with safety instructions. Will post updates as I get them.

UPDATE: False alarm. Guess this is what happens when someone with brown skin decides to go to the bathroom when the flight attendants say sit down.

LA Derby Dolls: Worldwide Live!

Watch the Derby Dolls from the comfort of your own Intertube.
Watch the Derby Dolls from the comfort of your own Intertube.

Tonight at 6:30, the Los Angeles Derby Dolls are taking the excitement of high-speed all-female banked track roller derby out of the Doll Factory in Historic Filipinotown and bringing it live to the entire planet via the World Wide Web.

Varsity Brawlers (the pretty team) will take on Tough Cookies (last year’s champs) in a full-length exhibition game streamed live to your very own home, office, or car (if you’re on your laptop, parked down the street stealing WiFi.)

Now how much would you pay? But wait! There’s more!…

Have you seen the trailer for Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut, “Whip It?” I can’t wait to see it when it’s released this weekend. Barrymore, Ellen Page (“Juno,”) Juliette Lewis (“Old School,”) and other stars from the movie will be at the event for a post-bout Q&A. I’m told you can submit your questions online, too. There will also be a live half-time concert by Landon Pigg.

All for the low, low price of…FREE. That’s right! All you have to do is log in to at 6:30pm and it will all stream right out of the internets and into your eyeballs and ear holes.

I’m kind of excited about this, so there’s even more. Click the link and follow me… Continue reading LA Derby Dolls: Worldwide Live!

Zombies: 9/30 is your night to party in Hollywood

zombies on the loose
zombies on the loose

Picture it hundreds of zombies parading down Hollywood Blvd 6:15 PM Wednesday 9/30. Wanna participate but can’t do the make-up right yourself?  Be at Grauman’s Chinese at 4PM for a free zombie make over.  Yes, free, zip, nada, zilch no money outta your pocket for this one.

Also, if you really want to do the night up right there is a free screening (don’t you just love the word free???) of Zombieland immediately following the zombie march.  To get in all you need to do is rsvp to z[email protected] before the 30th.  If you want to learn more about the movie “Zombieland” that this is all in promo for check out the trailer here.  This should be a great publicity stunt to partake in.  Consider it your pre-Halloween warm up and have some fun!

Deets: Zombie Walks LA,  Grauman’s Chinese, 6925 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood CA 90028

Pic by Vickie S a metblogs reader from the San Diego Zombie march.

Win 2 Tickets to The L.A. County Fair–Last Week!

Chocolate Covered Bacon (poor quality cell phone pic by Jodi)
Chocolate Covered Bacon

Our own faboomama and Travis recently shared their L.A. County Fair adventures with us. In case you missed your chance to have your own, it’s not too late. This coming Wednesday through Sunday (September 30th-October 4th) is the last week of the fair and I have 2 tickets to give away to one lucky reader, good for any of the remaining days.

I went myself last night with the intention of trying some fried delicacy that I’ve never tasted before. Instead, I was drawn into my new favorite food, chocolate covered bacon! It’s available at all of the churro stands and is scrumptious! It tastes a lot better than my poor quality cell phone photo to the right makes it look. I highly recommend it.

If you too want to head out to Pomona to indulge in some unhealthy eats, ride some rides, play some games, and see baby farm animals for free, leave a comment below. Tell me why you want the tickets and how you plan to spend your visit to the L.A. County Fair. Winner will be picked Monday night by midnight.

How to white wash a murder Monrovia style.

A murder was simply reported at “domestic violence” with the body left in the street a couple of days ago in the local paper.  That was the official information given out by the city of Monrovia regarding the incident.

Turns out it was much more to the story than what was initially given to the SGV Tribune, and fortunately they were tenacious enough to follow the story.  Turns out the victim was porn actress “Felecia Tang”.   Her boyfriend according to the Crime Scene blog is being held on 2M bail for the torture and dismemberment of the young actress also known as Felecia Lee.

Now Fox news, save your jeers and sneers, is reporting that the alleged murder appeared on “America’s sexiest Bachelor” and held degrees in biblical study and worked as a “Christian mime”.  Full Fox story here.

Sad she died the way she did, but at least the alleged murder is in custody.

Rockaway Records celebrates 30th anniversary

rockawayRockaway Records, tucked behind Silver Lake Wine on Glendale, will celebrate their 30th anniversary tomorrow, Sunday, with a parking lot sale from 10 AM to 4 PM where they will be selling CDs for 99 cents, while in the store from 10 AM to 7 PM, vinyl, CDs, DVDs and books will be discounted up to 75% off.

One of the ways Rockaway survived is by transforming itself into a memorabilia mecca. I got a Peter Tork T-shirt there for $5 a few years ago, but you can spend thousands on rare vinyl and artifacts if you’re so inclined. As a nod to this sustaining tactic, they will have a drawing tomorrow to give away a rare, Beatles Yesterday and Today “butcher” cover LP.

Also, check out Randy Lewis’s article about Rockaway in Thursday’s LA Times, chronicling the ups and downs of the indie music store as it dodged bullets and stayed afloat in the face of diving CD sales and, before that, encroaching music megastores (like Virgin and Tower) that initially were a threat– only to outlive them as they bit the dust one by one.

Rockaway Records, 2395 Glendale Blvd. Los Angeles 90039

Friday Bullets: What They Do

Hope. Pepper Haz It.

This week’s Friday Bullets are inspired by Sean Bonner, who said, “I’ve never had a good response to the question ‘what do you do?’ and have always felt that whatever I said would be either too modest and not actually explain anything, or too boastful and I’d feel like a douche.” His post is a great read for those of us who live lives and do things that aren’t easily categorized in little boxes.

That said, I went around to some L.A. bloggers to see what they say about what it is they do:

  • Aziz Ansari: On his approach to his character on “Parks & Recreation” “I watch the movie ‘There Will Be Blood’ with Daniel Day-Lewis’ commentary on and listen to what he did, and that’s the same technique I apply to my acting.” (He’s kidding)
  • Mar Vista Mom Sarah Auerswald on what she’s NOT doing anymore: “I had an epiphany about my life: it was truly being wasted doing volunteer work for that bunch of commie parents (the PTA) with their hidden agenda of corrupting our children’s minds, or for the freeloading students at our school. So I quit. Right then and there. And went out to get my toenails done.”
  • Celia of 5th and Spring writes that she’s been writing: “I was named a Film Independent Project:Involve Screenwriting Fellow, Class of 2010. You probably already know Film Independent (FIND) as the fine folks who bring you the Independent Spirit Awards and the Los Angeles Film Festival, this is one of their talent development programs.”

Photo courtesy of SnarkyDork.

Conan O’Brien falls during taping

Conan O’Brien fell during the taping of his show today at Universal Studios, hitting the back of his head as he was performing a skit with guest Terri Hatcher. O’Brien walked off the set, returned, then left again. A  short while later, announcer Andy Richter announced that the remainder of the taping was being canceled, saying Conan was “up and walking around” but was going to see a doctor “just to be sure he’s okay.”

I was in the studio audience for the taping.

Win Tix to Blitzen Trapper with Wye Oak Monday 9/28

blitzentrapperOy! We’ve got so much music lately! This coming Monday folk-soul troubadours Blitzen Trapper bring their huge group of manly bearded bandmembers (I almost wrote “manbembers” there for a sec) to the El Rey with sweet’n’folky Baltimorean duo Wye Oak. This should be a Dylanesque hoedown of hirsute jaw-dropping proportions, one into which you should not go unarmed without a razor. The arm hair on that one dude in the front of this picture ( –> ) was so epic I felt compelled to crop it out.

Hairy rockers unite! Wanna snuggle up? We’ve got your tickets, my little Furries. Comment below with a snippet of song lyrics (please include artist name & song title) that mention hair, beards, ponytails, big brown beavers (please do NOT go for the obvious, thank you, or you will be eliminated), anything…hair-related. We’ll pick a couple winners to go see the show. Info on the show is here if you’d like to buy tix & not waste your time with my inane babblings.

An Ugly Utopia

Dear Metblogs Readers,

I’m writing to you from deep inside a trash heap that is the former Video Market space at 3607 Sunset Blvd in Silver Lake. For the past few months, this space has been under renovation, which means anyone living nearby has spent the past few months living with constant construction noise, often starting before 8:00 AM, rotten odors, clouds of drywall dust, particle filled air and a parking lot strewn haphazardly with piles of construction waste.
Pile of garbage in the NaturalMind parking lot, as seen from an apartment complex driveway next door
Pile of garbage in the NaturalMind parking lot, as seen from an apartment complex driveway next door

It wasn’t easy for me to find any information on the business that is moving into this space. A Google search didn’t reveal much, but I eventually found a post on announcing the grand opening of “NaturalMind” in September 2009 (with September almost over I assume they have fallen behind, as the building remains vacant).

From what I can tell, NaturalMind is going to be some kind of beauty salon, owned by a guy named Arnaud Ozharun. I found his e-mail address on the post, which I assume he wrote. Unfortunately, the e-mails I sent him were returned with this message, “Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently: [email protected]

On, Ozharun posted a rather lengthy description of his business and also of himself, describing NaturalMind as, “A utopian take on beauty.” Which made me laugh out loud when you consider the pile of garbage he has been forcing his neighbors to look at for months now.

“Natural Mind is a place to contemplate things other than oneself, yet change.” – Arnaud Ozharun

Whatever dude. I’m a reasonable person when it comes to things like this and I understand that, from time-to-time, it is necessary to deal with certain urban inconveniences, such as construction. I’m totally fine with that. What really bothers me is the garbage. Aside from the fact that it is likely harboring vermin, it’s Continue reading An Ugly Utopia

Pet Shop Boys play the Greek

PSB:GreekAh, the ’80s; for better or worse, the decade that wouldn’t die. In music, fashion, art and maybe even the ongoing political/culture wars forged in the age of Reagan, it all still (somehow) seems fresh and relevant. Perhaps it was the last time that anything truly new happened and subsequent generations are stuck in a cultural quicksand not of their making. Lucky things.

Pet Shop Boys, the London synth pop duo formed in 1981 by Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe, have skipped across the past three decades, attentive to the changes around them and assimilating, assimilating, assimilating.

Their Pandemonium tour landed at the Greek Theater last night and unfurled a dizzy-making list of references, sometimes within a single song. Continue reading Pet Shop Boys play the Greek

Get yer car warshed and help end this recession.

ATT00043That’s the message I got loud and clear while at the car wash this morning.  I eaves dropped in on a conversation between another patron and the owner of the Huntington 76 Car Wash in Duarte this morning.

Aside from some tired rhetoric I learned that like other “luxury items” car washes are down.  Significantly down and those businesses are hurting.  Smaller operations like this attached to a gas station are down 30% from a year ago, with the larger ones are down 50-60%.  To still make a profit they have had to cut staff along similar percentages.   That folks is a lot of minimum wage jobs being lost.

Seriously, with the water shortage a lot of folks aren’t washing their cars as much as before, certainly not doing it themselves.  Did you know that the majority of car washes for years have recycled their water to help cut the cost of that expense?  Ask your favorite car wash if they recycle their water or not, and if they do treat yourself to a guilt free clean car and help save a job or two in the process.

Oh yeah, final thought do remember to tip the guy drying off your car at the end…he earned it and it helps supplement what he takes home.

Pic by me with the craptastic cell phone and does get bigger with a click.