ALL Medical Marijuana Dispensaries to be outlawed by City of LA

imagesYup.  You heard it right.  The LA City Council… in a rash, pretty much draconian proposal, wants to outlaw access to medical marijuana unless you are part of a collective and work there, i.e. grow your own.  In effect, this would close down all the dispensaries operating now.

If you are a seriously ill patient, or someone who doesn’t have the time to grow your own…. forget about getting easy access to your medicine.  This new ordinance would also outlaw edibles and concentrates, items that every single cancer patient I know uses. It would prohibit the sale of medical marijuana and any edibles.

If you care about this at all…. please write your city council person today and request that they reject this new ordinance.  It is titled, “Third Revised Draft Ordinance Establishing Regulations Regarding Medical Marijuana Collectives”.  Go to: here ( scroll to “my neighborhood” to find your council person.  Eric Garcetti is President of the City Council… write him and let him know your views… and Eric, I hope you are reading this.  We need input and a fair draft of this ordinance by patients, citizens, dispensary owners…. not just the City Attorney and the police department.  This proposal violates all the rights patients have worked so hard to achieve.

Personally,  I have a friend who was diagnosed with throat and esophagus cancer 5 weeks ago.  He began treatment immediately and was told that he may need a feeding tube because of the side effects of chemo/radiation.  The only way he has avoided this is by eating a medical marijuana brownie and/or using THC drops once a day to keep his appetite up.  His doctor told him to keep eating them so he can continue treatment without a feeding tube.  Thank good he has been able to get a prescription and there is a medical marijuana dispensary within walking distance to his house.,

Patients like this will just be out of luck with this new law.  Under this measure, the city also allows anyone from the police department or the dept of building and safety to look at records, videotape and walk in to do inspections at any time without a warrant.  Isn’t this in direct violation of our constitutional rights to privacy?

Would they enact laws like this for a CVS pharmacy?  Or any other business?  It’s treating dispensaries as if they are illegal again.

Citizens of this state and city have voted over and over again to allow safe access to medical marijuana.  This is just another attempt by the city attorney to shut down safe access.  The city attorney, the new guy Trutanovich, who was elected in part by saying he would work with medical marijuana activists to put new regulations on the books that would help patients…. but clearly now has reneged on that promise, is behind this new ordinance.

Another aspect…. what about all the money the city is throwing away?  Why close down the hundreds of dispensaries that have sprung up, when the city… and state… needs money so badly?  Just tax the medicine.  Oakland, Berkeley, and many other CA cities have all done the intelligent thing and made sensible regulations and appropriate taxes.  Why throw away an awesome income stream for the city?  And what about all the jobs lost, the landlords who will lose their leases…. it’s a downward economic spiral.  Has the city council lost it’s intelligent connection to the people of this city?

Councilman Reyes is in charge of this proposal (that’s what I was told) and has publicly said that dispensaries shouldn’t be allowed to make so much money… and all of them should be closed!  Should he even be in office when the citizens of this state and city have voted for safe access over and over again?  If indeed we are calling this medical marijuana… and the majority of Angelenos have voted and in polls said they want marijuana to be legal, let’s stop treating it like an illicit drug. Let’s look at this issue with compassion and an eye towards making this ordinance one that will serve the people.  Is that so hard?

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Los Angeles are CLEARLY serving a need, otherwise, they wouldn’t be in business.  Please take a moment and let your councilperson know you don’t want this ordinance.  They are voting on this immediately.

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  1. Why don’t we just allow regular pharmacies to dispense medical marijuana, instead of allowing these shady dispensaries to operate? This proposed law is draconian, and not all dispensaries are breaking the rules, but a lot of them sure as hell are, and the city council is pissed about that.

  2. Ain’t. Gonna. Happen.

    The chains have been cast off; we shall NEVER return to the streets for our medicine.

  3. Does America want to become a police state? The prison population has gone up by 5 times since the seventies – as in 500%!!! Do you know how expensive that is???

    We must realize that the solution to many societal AND economic problems is LESS law enforcement, NOT more. The prohibition on cannabis is absurd!

    It would be better if we just took the money we spend on enforcement and flushed it down the toilet. At least then organized crime wouldn’t get the cannabis profits. At least then we wouldn’t turn California into a gulag state.

  4. Just legalize it already. Control and tax it like liquor. I don’t even smoke pot but I know this is the smart thing to do.

  5. Clearly Councilman Reyes isn’t getting the kickbacks he expects from the medical marijuana dispensers. Of course, they’ll just move into LA County territory.

  6. I’m not a pot person at all, but this extreme crack-down now that there’s more pot dispensaries than 7-11s is never going to work. If it were me and I was on the city council and concerned about their wide-spread proliferation, I’d just tax the crap out of ’em. Los Angeles could use the money, and there’s money to be made.

  7. Here’s the (email) letter I just sent if other people want to use it as a guide…I live in LaBonge’s Distict.

    Dear Councilman LaBonge,

    I am a longtime resident of District 4 and I am quite displeased to hear of this draft ordinance. I am not a current patient of any marijuana collective, nor do I have any immediate personal vested interest in this legislation.

    That said, I believe that patients should absolutely have access to dispensaries who can safely provide them with medical marijuana. I can’t think of a single rational argument for the prohibition of medical marijuana to the citizenry of our city.

    While I don’t know the origin of this initiative, I have read reports online that this is the work of our City Attorney. I would think that if he is unable to recognize the need these dispensaries are serving, he could at least busy himself with more pressing issues our city faces.

    Please understand that as your constituent, I strongly oppose the third revised draft ordinance establishing regulations regarding medical marijuana collectives. It’s unnecessary, and unwanted – as are the legislators who would consume themselves with it’s advancement.

    Yours truly,

  8. Denton- Thanks for that template… and for writing. I think it’s high time people were vocal to the officials we vote into office about their control over our personal freedoms. They represent us and if we don’t make our desires known… how can they lead the way we want?
    WE Voted them in… and if they don’t represent our desires, we can vote them out.

  9. Why not have pharmacies dispense? There are already long lines at pharmacies. There are already lines at some cannabis clubs. Do pharmacies have sole responsibility to dispense echinacea, vitamins, or nyquil? If anything, more of the drugs dispensed at pharmacies need to be OTC so that poor folks can afford them.

  10. If regulating and controlling medical marijuana is the city’s goal, closing down the dispensaries is a step in the wrong direction. What will be left are delivery services and home grown operations. Good luck regulating them or collecting any taxes. With a store front the cities can more easily monitor and make sure they are in compliance. Opening up your books to any official that walks in may be a bit much but certainly checking for compliance would be fine. Closing down those who do not follow the rules is a good thing. They are giving those of us that follow the rules a bad name.

  11. Can we just finally legalize pot and get this huge waste of time and money out of Wonderland and into reality? Like Bromike666, I don’t smoke it, but it’s way less harmful than booze and it’s silly to have a prohibition on it.

  12. -Give the “collective’s” the same ground rules as locations that sell alcohol
    -Tax it
    -Figure out a formula to calculate how many “collectives” we need in L.A.
    -Price structure
    Now its a business

  13. Haha, “patients” — It’s funny how everyone has a personal story about a sick person that uses weed to survive. Sure, it has medicinal uses, but have you ever been to one of these collectives? It’s just a bunch of hippies and potheads. I’ll bet 90% of the “patients” are just recreational users. Legalize it and stop this nonsense already. Problem solved.

  14. Corey- It’s easy to scoff and call everyone potheads. Easy to make fun of people who use medical marijuana for pain, to help them combat nausea as a side effect of chemo. But since I have had first hand experience with this, I know it’s no joke. Yes, maybe some people use it for recreational uses, but a lot of people use it to help make their lives semi-normal, so they can even have a life. I hope for your sake, you don’t ever have to use medical marijauan to get through the day…. but if you or a loved one ever does, you will be thankful that dispensaries are open to serve. And yes, it should be legalized, but right now, it’s just legalized for medical use, so at least make it accessable to patients who depend on it. Don’t make it something that feels criminal. which is what the city council is doing.

  15. This move to close the dispensaries will be welcomed by the gangs and criminal drug dealers.

  16. Corey, do you fear Alzheimer’s? Diabetes? MS? Parkinson’s? Cancer? Chemotherapy for cancer? MRSA? Osteoporosis? PTSD? Depression? The damage from strokes and heart disease? Cannabis can lessen, slow or prevent all of those! There is NO SUCH THING as “recreational use”- all use is medical, whether you happen to realize it or not!

    I challenge you to run a search on and read “Granny Storm Crow’s list” and see for yourself. The rest of you are most welcome (especially you, Tammara, and thank you for the article and comments!)to read my list. The list is made up of links to hundreds of medical cannabis studies on the conditions I have listed and many more besides. Please educate yourself about medical cannabis!

    And every dispensary I have been in appeared to be well run, clean and friendly. Have YOU actually been in a dispensary? Or are you just spouting prohibitionist nonsense and fake statistics off the top of your head?

  17. Storm Crow, you are full of it: “There is NO SUCH THING as “recreational use”- all use is medical, whether you happen to realize it or not”…you have GOT to be kidding me.

    Oh please. As many of you who know real-life cancer patients who need this, for each of them I know two potheads who are thrilled to get access to weed so they can party every weekend.

    I have no problem with soft drugs. I think marijuana should be legalized & taxed. But let’s not kid ourselves. The majority of people using these dispensaries, now, are recreational users.

  18. Lost amidst all the usual “patients vs. potheads” dialogue is this simple question I have:

    First, there are clearly many strong arguments (articulated above) to decriminalize/legalize pot. And also much support – even from non-smokers – to do so and minimize the criminal element that ensues from it being illegal. For most folks under 55, it is no big deal if someone lights up at a party or at home – regardless how/where they got the pot.

    But what compelling reasons are there to keep it illegal or criminal?

  19. Maybe its the city council that is part of a drug ring and wants to profit off selling medical marijuana? Amazing they would close something that the people love and seriously need in the city. I wouldnt worry about what is happening now, get vocal and help get this on the ballet so marijuana is legal no matter what.

  20. Um…does anyone else find it funny in this particular string of comments (considering the subject) that the Councilman’s last name referenced above is “LA BONGE”? Just sayin’…

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  21. It really comes down to two words; REGULATION & MODERATION. This is coming from a HIGHLY practiced medicinal marijuana patient.

  22. We are coming out with a medical cannabis patient magazine. If anyone would like to dontate stories to our community like the Tammaras please send me an email. Thanks.

  23. The LA City Council has always had their heads up their snookers. Not much has changed since I lived there, I see.

    Most of you are talking “chemo & radiation.” Here’s antoher treatment. PTSD. You might laugh but did you know that the Israeli Army give their troops that suffer from PTSD, Cannabis? A Sativa is best for PTSD. I hold a 100% disability from the disorder. An inhalation or two from my vaporizor in the evening is all that’s needed to sleep (without anyone “in the wire”) and “episodes” don’t occur any more. Those out there with PTSD or know someone afflicted with it understand what I say. It’s the ONLY thing that I’ve found that works!

    The LA City Council had seemingly acquired “doctor credentials.”

  24. What we really need is a political party that truly stands for freedom. We need to elect officials who recognize that adults should be left alone unless they engage in activity that directly injures others. Imagine a government based on this fundamental precept. It would be a lot smaller and less expensive than what we have now. And don’t tell me that the government is protecting us by spending our money trying to stop people from smoking pot. If the government were truly in the business of protecting us from drugs, than the more dangerous ones would also be illegal. Of course, alcohol is the drug of choice for many of these “drug warriors.” Even a cursory investigation will show anyone that alcohol causes more physical and psychological damage to individuals than cannabis, and that’s not even considering all the social costs involved with it. If you want to spend tremendous amounts of our tax money fighting marijuana use, and you are not also fighting to prohibit alcohol, then you are a hypocrite plain and simple, and your arguments have no moral authority whatsoever.

  25. By the way, the party I refer to above is certainly NOT the Democratic party. Obama’s drug czar has said that marijuana has no medical uses. The DEA continues to raid clinics in California under Eric Holder, and some dispensary operators are facing federal charges brought by Holder’s justice department. Holder’s department is also attempting to extradite a Canadian citizen for selling seeds over the Internet, something that his own government has known about for years and has, for the most part, ignored. So much for Democrats.

  26. This is NOT a decision by the City Council per se, but by DA Cooley and his sidekick Carmen Trutanich who campaigned as promising to be more of a friend to the community than Jack Weiss would have been – got a lot of us out to vote and blog and do photo ops, from to all of them. He’s far worse than Delgadillo and just an extension of hardcore opponent DA Cooley – shoulda known, they’re both Republicans who pretended to be moderate and flat-out used the community to get elected never intending to keep his promise. Both who have declared all medical marijuana shops illegal and today the LATimes is finally playing up what they made known at PLUM/ City Council almost 2 weeks ago, as their Chief Asst. Jane Usher told homeowner groups months ago. — With Paul Koretz on PLUM and having sponsored a bill sympathetic to the MJ patient community, with Reyes and Huizar maintaining that some shops are legal and need to be looked at on an individual basis, only Dennis Zine the Trutanich gofer is adamant against all MJ shops. RECALL TRUTANICH

  27. Legalize NOW!!!! How dumb can the city of Los Angeles be?? If dispensaries are shut down, this will in turn create more crimes because people will now be desperate to find a source and will get it by any means. Trust me we need to legalize NOW!! before this city crashes and burns!!!

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