Get yer car warshed and help end this recession.

ATT00043That’s the message I got loud and clear while at the car wash this morning.  I eaves dropped in on a conversation between another patron and the owner of the Huntington 76 Car Wash in Duarte this morning.

Aside from some tired rhetoric I learned that like other “luxury items” car washes are down.  Significantly down and those businesses are hurting.  Smaller operations like this attached to a gas station are down 30% from a year ago, with the larger ones are down 50-60%.  To still make a profit they have had to cut staff along similar percentages.   That folks is a lot of minimum wage jobs being lost.

Seriously, with the water shortage a lot of folks aren’t washing their cars as much as before, certainly not doing it themselves.  Did you know that the majority of car washes for years have recycled their water to help cut the cost of that expense?  Ask your favorite car wash if they recycle their water or not, and if they do treat yourself to a guilt free clean car and help save a job or two in the process.

Oh yeah, final thought do remember to tip the guy drying off your car at the end…he earned it and it helps supplement what he takes home.

Pic by me with the craptastic cell phone and does get bigger with a click.

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