7 thoughts on “Archiving Angeles (AA): The Maryland Special”

  1. I don’t know…I’m having trouble believing that speed figure. Doesn’t make sense. Put my money down on “mistake”…

  2. I did a 15 second search for “rail car speed records.” What I found was that rail cars traveled as fast as 126 mph as early as 1903. So, assuming that info. is accurate, I think the figure cited here is plausible. What throws most people off is that the U.S. has a dilapidated rail system in which most trains poke along relatively speaking, using mostly the same old technology, so it’s no wonder that we can’t fathom trains many decades ago being able to travel almost as fast as they do today. Even the so-called high speed trains that Amtrak installed in the Northeast Corridor (DC->NY->BOS), which I have been on, can’t go anywhere near their potential speeds, because they operate on track that is many decades old.

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