Daylight Come And Me Wanna Count Bikes

So in case it didn’t blip on your radar, the LA County Bike Coalition (LACBC) is staging the first-ever official Los Angeles Bike & Pedestrian Count this week. In the grand scheme of the city’s transportation issues, this may seem like a whole bunch of nothing much, but trust me, this count is a never-done-before big deal whose hard data can be put to use not only to demonstrate that people do walk and bike in L.A., but more importantly to encourage cyclist and pedestrian inclusion in urban planning.

bikzWith all the commuter cycling I do I figured I’d better step up and volunteer my services as a tallyman. So I visited the LA Bike Count website, picked a time and an intersection, printed out the necessary forms and instructions, and arrived at the interesection of 8th and La Brea at 7 a.m. this morning to spend the next 2.5 hours adding up the walkers and the pedalers.

By the time 9:30 a.m. rolled around I’d finished up with 141 pedestrians and 58 cyclists (23 of whom rode on the sidewalks; 22 without helmets; 5 of them female; and 1 dude who was actually smoking a cigarette and riding in flipflops — I try not to judge but what the hell is up with that?).

I deviated from my usual route home this evening to drop off the results to the LACBC’s headquarters on Spring Street downtown, and though my work is done if you’re reading this suddenly jonesing to get your tally on and help with this historic process (that may or may not include the occasional nicotine-addicted hipster pedaling around in a poor choice of footwear), you can help this Saturday from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. So scope out some intersections found on this map, and if there’s one that’s in need of a counter, contact the LACBC’s Yogi Hendlin to find out if it’s still available.

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