“A Night Without Monty Python” – Brief Engagement Begins 9/23

Only ten performances of this wack-tastic ‘splosion of Python-y goodness will grace the Ricardo Montalban Theatre, a venue I have always wanted to visit because of its name but have never been inside.

“A Night Without Monty Python” is a cherrypicking spectacular of Python’s best-loved moments, from the Spanish Inquisition, to the Ministry of Silly Walks, the Lumberjack and Spam songs, and scads more (go here for full list).

Eric Idle isn’t IN it (although an appearance would not surprise me), but he directs Alan Tudyk (Dodgeball, Dollhouse) and Jane Leeves (Frasier), Jim Piddock (who’s been in just about everything, ever) and a few others, plus likely guest-star cameos throughout the run.

This one’ll sell out, folks. Tix are here…for now.


7 thoughts on ““A Night Without Monty Python” – Brief Engagement Begins 9/23”

  1. I cannot WAIT. Going with Ms. Kurland and Ms. Frey this Thursday!!!! And I am sure a grand time will be had by all. Maybe even a little fish slapping dance will be performed.

  2. So excited for this! (see above comment!) I got our tickets half-price (see 2 comments above!) from Goldstar! Woot! Love Alan Tudyk, who was also in “Firefly” and “Serenity,” of course.

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