Celebrate Banned Book Month @ Vroman’s Bookstores in Pasadena

bannedI walked into the store and it caught my eye.  Hundreds of hang tags hanging from the shelves with the word “Banned” on them with some text.  Close inspection revealed why a book was banned and where.  From elementary schools here to military juntas,  if it was banned and is on Vroman’s shelves its labeled for your ease in identifying the offending book.

My favorite is on the list.   Don Quixote.  I loved that book in high school.  It was the source of  my question authority mindset I have carried into adulthood (Hunter S Thompson sorta cemented that notion, but I digress a bit).

If you want to easily see what has been banned and pick up your own copy just pop on over to either of the Vromans locations in Pasadena.

Vroman’s Bookstore:

  • 695 E. Colorado, Pasadena CA 91101, 626-449-5320
  • 3729 E Foothill Blvd (Hastings Ranch), Pasadena CA 91107, 626-351-0828

2 thoughts on “Celebrate Banned Book Month @ Vroman’s Bookstores in Pasadena”

  1. Did you go in the bookshop b/c of a movie showtime in Laemmle, to kill time?
    Cuz I’ve done that.
    They are a good combo.

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