Time Warner Cable Experiencing Area-Wide Internet Service Problems

IMG_1150It feels like deja vu all over again.  If Time Warner Cable (Roadrunner) is your ISP, and you have been having spotty Internet service all week, it’s not simply that Mercury is in retrograde.  I have been having “server not found” problems all week, and called TWC tonight.  They said they are having an L.A.-area-wide problem.  They didn’t know if it’s hackers this time.  I demanded credit for my lack of service, and they transferred me to another department (accounts or billing) .  They then issued me a $15 credit for multiple days without full service.  I thought that was a generous offering, since it represents at least 10 days of service.

Of course, that still doesn’t solve the service problem.  In the meantime, don’t forget to save your blog posts and other online writings in progress, early and often.

(Travis, sorry for stepping on your post so soon, but I thought that, if others are being driven nuts by this problem like I am, they would want to know about this asap tonight.  And if I wait, who knows if I would be able to publish it at all?)

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  1. Thank you Matt Mason! I thought I broke my computer (again). The Internet is totally not working tonight. Dumb Time Warner! They should have named it Wiley Coyote not RoadRunner

  2. I guess anyone who is a Roadrunner customer and who can read the post and comment on it is one of the lucky ones. I’m pretty much unable to open multiple tabs, and, if I close out of my browser altogether, trying to fire it up again would be iffy.

  3. I have been OK out here in Van Nuys all day. If this is similar to the problems they had a few months ago, then switching you DNS server to use http://opendns.com ( and it might provide a solution. I stumbled across this solution when one computer continued operating when all the other would not. I had already installed OpenDNS on that machine.

  4. agreed with douglas welch – this (and most of TWC’s internet problems that I’ve encountered in LA) is because of their DNS servers sucking majorly, not so much the actual connection failing to connect at all. Switching to opendns or any similar alternative will fix it.

  5. thanks for the post, i’ve been seeing the same issues. I thought it was just my wireless acting up.

    I could call and bitch for the $15 but i’m not sure it’s worth the hassle..

  6. Those lying motherf*¢√ers! I’ve been having the same problems for at least a week. I spent more than half an hour on the phone with the half-wits in tech support and “customer service” (I use quotation marks because it’s not really service) yesterday, and at the end of it all they kept insisting that it was a problem with my router. No sir, Mr. Burns, absolutely no problem with our service.

    I’ll switch to OpenDNS. Then I’m calling back to get the credit. Then I’m calling around to other ISPs to change my service. F’ Time Warner!

    Thanks for posting this, Matt. (Please pardon the rant. I pay $46.95/month, and I’m so fed up with that shitty service that costs 50% more than everyone else charges. F’ ’em!)

  7. I’ve been noticing some problems, but have been able to get through to sites 3 out of 5 times (I use OpenDNS). Guess I’ll be calling up Time Warner and asking for an explanation.

  8. Just to let you know, you aren’t alone! Time Warner in Kansas City starting losing internet around 8 pm, I was able to get one site for an hour to two hours. Then it crashed all the way. Tried for 2 hours to get through to the service number, with a busy signal, before falling asleep with the phone in hand. This goes right along with the cable box problems I’ve been having, and they wont credit my account. At least I’m not alone….

  9. This is crap. I was cut off from doing class work last night. Since I’m also working full time, I need every spare moment I can get to work on my classes. This is really going to set me back.

  10. Maybe it’s a cyber attack. I know that you don’t always get a straight or fully informed answer when making these kinds of inquiries. This time, when I asked whether there was a service outage in my area, the CSR prefaced his answer with “to be honest with you, ….” I’m glad he was honest with me this time, but whenever people use such a phrase, I become concerned that they’re not being honest the rest of the time.

  11. So I called TWC. By passed the script readers at tech support, and went straight through to billing. Gave a brief description of the problem to the billing guy, and no further questions asked he gave me a $17.50 credit. I got the feeling this has been happening a lot lately.

    Switching to OpenDNS today. Switching to a new ISP a.s.a.f.p.

  12. Is OpenDNS working to fix this? I tried it last night assuming it was the same problem as last time and it didn’t work.

  13. I’m a roadrunner customer in KC, & I have been having the problem for multiple nights now. Right now (9:45pm Local time) it’s getting really hard to reach many websites now. I hope this gets through, gmail keeps kicking me out again and this page didn’t load last time.

    Last night I couldn’t get to 95% of the websites I tried to go to for 3 hours! (at least, I went to bed.) Someone should call the Press on this one!

  14. FiOS is really nice, if perhaps overkill for a lot of people. Far fewer problems than when I was on DSL, although Verizon’s router kinda blows.

  15. it’s not just LA..dallas is getting crappy service too.i missed the premier episode of community starring chevy chase because of time warner’s box losing it’s programming suddenly..no menu..no way to find out what time the program began or what network is was on.i’ve gotten so that i hate time warner.my box lost programming twice yesterday.

  16. Having the same issues with TWC in Fort Lee, NJ, right across Manhattan… I once had a service guy come in, he couldn’t fix the issue and blamed it on some “external box” in the hall way, and claimed that I don’t have to call anymore, they’ll make a visit and fix it…

    Nothing has changed since that visit a month ago.

  17. hell yeah time warner sucks i’ve been having the same problem
    i hate this shit i should charge them for no internet connection lol
    but 4real im gonna do that
    u should too
    this is ridiculous

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