Real lesbians of Los Angeles coming to Showtime

Showtime’s answer to Bravo’s Real Housewives series will be The Real L Word: Los Angeles, a reality show that will follow six real, live LA lesbians “as they go about their lives,” according to Variety. Or at least as they go about their lives with a camera crew trailing them. (And producers liquoring them up and pissing them off by telling them what their showmates are saying about them behind their backs. Ah, reality is always so much better when you plan it out.)

The show is from Ilene Chaikan, the creator of The L Word, Showtime’s scripted drama about LA lesbians that completed a six-season run this past spring.

3 thoughts on “Real lesbians of Los Angeles coming to Showtime”

  1. Will any fish chomping be included, if so – will the lesbians be the hot – Katie Morgan type…or the butchy, truck driving, tobacco chewing, strong jaw militant type?

  2. Whomever they are they will be exploited and dramatized so their lives don’t look anything like they really are for the sake of good tv. I see more harm than good for the lesbian/gay movement.

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