God started fires with flammable gay juices

With an About the Author bio that says, “If you don’t like what you just read here you can just get out of my country. Now how about that smart-alack. Follow me on twitters,” Christwire is such dry parody it almost passes for the real thing– a right-wing,  Bible-quoting site seeking to save America from The Gays and other “weirdos.”

And they are loving the fires here in California:

The lands were soaked with the combustible sins of perversions and marinated in the flammable juices of homosexuality! God is angry and his great power cannot be contained! …Fire falls upon California and great pillars of smoke shoots from his nostrils!

The holy pillars of smoke from his nostrils are filling up the lands of California! They are the harbingers of doom for the homosexual gay fornicators of Satan!

If you doubt this is satire (which is easy to do because Christwire has real ads for things like Ann Coulter books and a dating service called Christian Mingle,) a recent post called If You’re a Fantastic Pro-Family Republican, Does One or Two Same-Sex Encounters Really Make You Gay? asks, “If you have a great record fighting against the gays, doesn’t it cross out a few moments humping a younger man against the wall of some hotel room?”

5 thoughts on “God started fires with flammable gay juices”

  1. Hell…just log onto Debbie Schlussel.

    Even us Bible-quoting right-wingers think she’s a nut.

    Debbuh put the crack in crackpot.

  2. F wads, would like to kick some sense into their sorry heads. People are losing homes, honest lives lost and they come up with crap like that?

  3. How sad is it that it’s easy to believe that these things are true. There’s so many religious nuts out there that we have become accustomed to crazy shit like this.

  4. fraz, to me, a sense of humor is necessary in trying times. I lived in NYC during the 9/11 attacks. A week or so after they occurred, The Onion weighed in. On its front page was a large photo of the World Trade Center towers in flames, flanked by a photo of Bin Laden on one side and one of George W. Bush on the other. The headline read, “Spoiled Children of Oil Billionaires Square Off on World Stage.” I laughed; it helped.

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