Have you seen the moon tonight?

The beauty we get to witness created from destruction. There’s been so much smoke in the sky, that I’ve stopped looking up. Thanks to Shayera for giving me the nudge.

Moon on September 1, 2009
Moon on September 1, 2009

You can see a couple of other photos here.

7 thoughts on “Have you seen the moon tonight?”

  1. Whoa, that sunset photo is great. We took a ton of them a couple of days ago. I’ve been taking pictures of the sunrise every morning. When both the Asuza fire and the Station fire were going strong, we barely had any sun in the morning.

  2. As L.A. Times’ Christopher Hawthorne wrote on his twitter feed: “Sunrise this morning is stunning, in that creepy L.A. way, pinks and oranges spreading thru smoke and haze.” The same goes for sunsets.

  3. Gorgeous. I wanted to capture the sunset last night, but I was on the freeway. I tried to get one of the moon, but it didn’t work out so well. I figured there would be lots of photos though from far talented photogs!

  4. Beautiful. I noticed it last night as well and tried to get a pic. Mine isn’t even worth looking at compared to this.

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